If you are looking for a relaxed beach holiday, this Lodge in Bilene is the place to be: for sale

If you are looking for a relaxed beach holiday, this Lodge in Bilene is the place to be

Mahelane Area, Bilene, Gaza, Mozambique


24 000 000 ZAR

12 000 000 ZAR

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
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Type: Lodge
Bedrooms: 55
Bathrooms: 55
Showers: 27
Parking: 0
Yield: Not Disclosed


On the magnificent coast of Mozambique, about 180km north of Maputo, you will find Bilene, home of our Lodge, a hidden piece of paradise. The name of our Lodge is the Shangaan name for “Fish Eagle”, the large species of eagle that is found throughout sub-Saharan Africa wherever large bodies of open water occur. Enjoy magnificent views of the Ujembe Lagoon from one of twelve luxury houses scattered between trees and dune brush. 

If you are looking for a relaxed beach holiday, Bilene is the place to be. The seawater in the lagoon offers calm and often shallow spaces where holidaymakers can relax and soak up the sun. Unspoiled beaches, 15km of lagoon, forests and bush trails waiting to be explored… nature is on your doorstep, easy to reach by boat, on foot or 4×4. This is paradise for bird lovers and nature lovers.


Escape to warm tropical sunsets, shimmering beaches and sultry hot weather at our Lodge, your fabulous wedding destination! This is the perfect venue to host your special Beach Wedding. The layout of the venue provides options to either have the ceremony on the beach or indoors. The Bride will cross a rustic bridge on the way to the beach area where she will meet up with her Groom and start a new life together. 

The Lodge offers a venue with many options – whether you want an outdoor beach wedding or an indoor event, we have a place where you can shape your special day according to your likes (and the weather’s dislikes). 

Treat the special people in your life to an amazing experience on your special day.


Whether water or land activities attract your attention, your days will be filled with excitement. 4×4 and quad trails criss-cross the area, and the lagoon and sea offer great fishing and water sport activities. 

On the southern side of the lagoon mouth lies Turtle Bay, where the leatherback turtles breed (the largest turtle species of all). Tropical fish can be seen at the reefs when diving or snorkeling. The area is well known for good game fishing, including sailfish. 

We offer skiing, water tube rides and wave boarding, or board a boat to head into town, the lagoon mouth or enjoy a stunning booze cruise. For the kids, we have a small artificial lagoon where they can kayak safely. There is a freshwater swimming pool and a 700 kilolitre saltwater pool.



Just like the Mozambicans’ attitude to life, the seaside town of Bilene in Mozambique’s Gaza province is lively, a little bit eccentric, and a whole lot laid-back. If you’re craving something off the beaten track and family-friendly, you’ll find it here, at Bilene Lodge, an easy two-hour drive from Maputo.

The self-catering apartments at Bilene Lodge are just what you need, with private patios, en-suite bathrooms and modern luxuries including complimentary Wi-Fi and air-conditioning. Uninterrupted views over the Ujembe Lagoon will easily catch your eye, with its shallow shores lined by pure-white beaches.

A large sandbar separates this shimmering lagoon from the Indian Ocean, providing a protected area for a variety of watersports. Barges, boats, dhows, canoes and kayaks can be used across the lagoon and to the mouth. Enjoy safe snorkelling and, depending on the season, get up close and personal with a few turtles.

While staying at Bilene Lodge, the thriving town of Bilene is just a short walk away. Its small but colourful market features fresh produce and brightly coloured capalanas (sarongs) that fill each rustic store. Curio traders hawk their wares, and cashew nut sellers are never hard to find.

Get your ‘catch of the day’ from the fluttering dhows as they head back to shore. Eat it right on the beach for that quintessential Mozambican seaside meal, before retreating to Bilene Lodge for a well-deserved afternoon nap. For travellers wanting a Robinson Crusoe-style adventure, a dose of culture, or just some seriously good local food, a holiday at a Bilene Lodge is a match made in holiday heaven.

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  • The name of our Lodge is the Shangaan name for “Fish Eagle”, the large species of eagle that is found throughout sub-Saharan Africa wherever large bodies of open water occur.
  • The Lodge was established by two South African entrepreneurs, Johnny Aucamp and Klaus Fischer.
  • The construction of the lodge commenced in March 2011 and the first phase was completed at the end of December 2012.
  • All the houses are constructed from steel frames, cladded on the outside with wood-grained fiber cement boards and on the inside by gypsum boards. The steel frame roofs are cladded with rubber shingles. The colors of the houses have been specifically selected to blend into the natural dune setting.
  • The lodge comprises of 12 houses with 54 en-suite rooms and it also has a presidential / honeymoon suite for those special guests.
  • During the late afternoon of 22 December 2012, the bar, entertainment areas, restaurant, kitchen and staff quarters were completely destroyed by a fire. Although this was a disastrous setback for all involved, the guests made the best of the situation and were served under quickly erected tents.
  • The destroyed utility and entertainment areas were reconstructed using artificial grass and were completed by September 2014.
  • The small lagoon with islands in front of the lodge was created by removing the mud and grass surface and by raising the surrounding area with dredged beach sand. The coconut palms were sourced from the neighboring village to enhance the tropical feeling of the lodge.
  • The lodge features two swimming pools; one filled with fresh water and for the larger pool, saltwater is pumped from the bottom of the main lagoon into the swimming pool and then back via the small lagoon. This ensures that the water in the small lagoon gets flushed with saltwater as well, preventing mosquitos from breeding in a freshwater source.
  • The Lodge is fast becoming a favorite tourist destination for visitors from local and abroad.

Management and Staff wish their guests a very pleasant and memorable stay at Nghunghwa Lodge.

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