Our Backpackers is situated high on the banks of the Bushman’s River, a birder’s paradise with a wide variety of species spotted daily including the lovely Loerie: for sale

Our Backpackers is situated high on the banks of the Bushman’s River, a birder’s paradise with a wide variety of species spotted daily including the lovely Loerie

Kenton-On-Sea, Eastern Cape, South Africa


5 500 000 ZAR

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
Agent Office Number: +27 (0) 21 554 0283
Agent Email Address: cliff@exquisitehotelconsultants.com
Type: Backpackers
Bedrooms: 46
Bathrooms: 46
Showers: 46
Parking: 50
Yield: Not Disclosed
TGCSA Rating: 3 Star

Our Backpackers is situated high on the banks of the Bushman’s River, a birder’s paradise with a wide variety of species spotted daily including the lovely Loerie. Explore the secret pathways through the lush indigenous bush garden & down to the river or laze at the pool and enjoy the cries of the Fish Eagles. Table Tennis; pool; darts – a big screen TV and Wi-Fi lounge. The Goat Shed Bush Bistro offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and a Sunday Lunch a la carte menu too!

Self-catering accommodation options:

Couple& family size self-catering cottages’ with secluded boma baths. Enjoy a warm, candlelit soak under the stars OR bird watch from the bath tub.

Self-catering backpacker accommodation ranges from garden cottage & family rooms with en suite bathroom and use of communal kitchen and other facilities as well as cosy 8-bed dorm rooms.

Our bush bistro, The Goat Shed, is a firm favourite with both locals and guests and rumoured to have the best pizzas, steaks & calamari on offer in the area.

Offers superb team building & strategic planning getaways – with a host of fun options to choose from.


Turn right from Our Gate for a 2-3 km drive to a choice of beaches and river experiences. Turn left at Our Gate for a short drive up the road for a game spotting experience at no charge. Ideal for littlies too. Ask at reception about all the activities on offer that we can arrange for you - fishing, canoeing, beach horse rides; game viewing; sandboarding; birding tours and more.

Beach or Bush walk & picnic

Where: Kenton-on-Sea beaches

Brief: Explore Kenton-on-Sea’s pristine beaches at low tide. Take a leisurely walk from the Kariega Blue Flag beach, where the river meets the sea, to Middle Beach, with its abundant rocky shore marine life, on to the Carriage Rock landmark and finally to Shelley Beach, ‘little Greece’ near the Bushman’s River. Pause awhile to enjoy your picnic and gaze at the magnificent 360° vista and capture precious memories.
Who: No age restrictions, easy walking for the whole family.
What to bring: Sun hat, beach friendly gear, water.
Optional extra’s: Packed picnic lunch from The Goat Shed; Guide/s - marine and/or birding; Transport (basic) to Kariega Beach and collection at Bus.
Cost: Varies according to package opted for, (R50pp for basic option).

Duration: 2-3 hours.

River cruise

Where: Bushman's River & Kenton-on-Sea.
Brief: Enjoy a river cruise on the magnificent Bushman’s River; optional extra braai in the Bush Boma at our Cottages & Backpackers.
Who: No age restrictions, family-friendly.
Min/Max: 6-20.
What to bring: Sun hat, water.
Cost & Duration: From 100pp no frills.
Duration: 2-3 hours.
Optional extras: braai; booze; guide.
Kayak up the Bushman’s River

Where: Woodlands Cottages & Backpackers on the banks of the Bushman’s river, Kenton-on-sea.
Brief: Enjoy a leisurely paddle up the magnificent Bushman’s river, take a packed picnic lunch from The Goat Shed with you or enjoy a sit-down lunch at the restaurant upon your return.
Who: No age restrictions, family-friendly.
Min/Max: 1-20.
What to bring: Sun hat, water.
Cost & Duration: R300pp, 2 hours.

Cultural tour on MTB

Where: Ekuphumleni, Kenton-on-sea.
Brief: Cycle from Woodlands Cottages & Backpackers to Ekuphumleni, Kenton-on-sea and take in the culture, crafts, shebeens – meet the locals, dance and enjoy a meal.
Who: Fit adults.
Min: 1.
Max: 10.
What to bring: Bike friendly gear, water.
Cost & Duration: 4 hours from R250.

Game drive & overnight

Where: Our Cottages & Backpackers, Kenton-on-sea.
Brief: Come spend the night at Woodlands Cottages & Backpackers on the banks of the Bushman’s river, Kenton-on-sea and enjoy a game drive while you’re here.
Who: No age restrictions, family-friendly.
Min: 4.
Max: 8.
What to bring: Sun hat, water.
Cost & Duration: from R675pp, overnight.
Options: Game Drive only.

Bathurst Tour

Where: Kenton-on-Sea to Bathurst.
Brief: Depart from our Cottages & Backpackers, Kenton-on-Sea to the quaint village of Bathurst. Take a leisurely stroll through this historic village and explore the arts & crafts, pubs and eateries while absorbing some local history.
Who: No age restrictions, easy walking for the whole family.
Max: 20.
What to bring: Sun hat, walking shoes, water.
Options: – basic option (transport only); guided; booked lunches; & historical tours – Agricultural museum & Old Mill; Picnic lunch at Water’s Meeting.
Cost: Varies according to option chosen.

Kenton MTB ride

Where: Kenton-on-Sea.

Brief: Explore Kenton-on-Sea on MTB - cycle to Kenton-on-Sea from our Cottages and Backpackers to the Kariega River slipway then on to the Blue Flag beach look-out, head off to Middle Beach and onward to Bushman's mouth. .Take along a picnic lunch supplied by The Goat Shed on route.
Who: Fit adults
Min: 1.
Max: 10.
What to bring: Bike friendly gear, water.
Cost & Duration: R600pp for a half-day & R900pp for a full day.
Options: Plenty routes available.

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Key features

Property info:

  • Size 4.3 ha.
  • Map attached of dwelling locations.
  • Zoning :Resort Zone 2 ( attached certificate).
  • Front electrified fence.
  • Walkway to river.

Onsite Facilities and Dwellings

  • 8 Cottages all self catering……
  • Ngwenya ( 2).
  • Hideaway ( 4).
  • Bush ( 2).
  • Boma (2).
  • Mambele ( 5).
  • Hornbill ( 4).
  • Loerie ( 2).
  • Potters (10).
  • Backpack dorm 1 ( 6).
  • Backpack dorm 2 ( 7).
  • Backpack dorm 3 ( 4).
  • Back Pack dorm 4 ( 10).

Main House facilities …………

  • Big Kitchen for Backpackers.
  • Pantry.
  • Reception.
  • Inside Bar and Fireplace.
  • Lounge ( TV).
  • Pool Table.
  • Tennis table.
  • Laundry ( 2 washing machines).

GoatShed Pub…………..

  • Bar and Big Kitted Kitchen.
  • Seating and tables for 80.
  • Cold room 4 x 5 m.
  • Waste water Bio plant ( R 120 000).
  • Pool.
  • Aquaponics system (R 200 000).
  • Camping &  ablution and site.
  • Chicken run.
  • 4 x 20 000 litre concrete tanks.

Marketing and Operational support data

  • Knightsbridge booking system.
  • Oddessy bar and activity accounting.
  • Active and pro website.
  • Facebook for Woodlands and Goatshed.
  • Packages for various activities: Kayaking, Castaway Hike, MTB rides.
  • Artwork for 8 packages and specials – active.
  • Associations : SAYTC, NMBT,Route72.


  • Aquaponics 2.
  • Laundry and cleaning 2.
  • Handyman and garden 1.
  • Front office 1.
  • Barman 1.
  • Goatshed 2.

Basic monthly costs:

  • Rates R 1,700.
  • Elect R 6,000.
  • Cell R 700.
  • Wifi R 600.
  • Knightsbridge R 600.
  • Facebook R 1,500.
  • Water R 2,500.
  • Gas R 2,000.
  • Staff R 15,000.
  • Staff food R 3,000.


WC Reception Area
WC Bar Afdak
WC Aqua
WC PB Bathroom
WC BP Dorm
WC Bio Plant
WC Cottage 2
WC Cottage Shower
WC Cottage
WC Driveway
WC Entrance Hall
WC 6812
WC Inside Bar
WC Inside Cottage
WC inside a Cottage
WVC Lawn for Venues
WC Enterance
WC Path Around Main House
WC Path to Bush Pub
WC Path to River
WC Pizza Area
WC Pool
WC Pub to Main House
WC Stoep View
WC Typical Bush
WC PT 71
WC PT 30
WC PT 40
WC PT 80
WC PT 79
WC PT 86
WC PC 93
WC PT 97
WC PT 208
WC PT 237
WC PT 280
WC PT 284
WC PT 290
WC PT 295
WC PT 300
WC PT 302
WC PT 364
WC PT 372
WC PT 438
WC PT 445
WC PT 603
WC PT 261
WC PT 249
WC PT 260
WC PT 265
WC PT Pool

Cliff Jacobs (Nat Dpl Hotel Man (UJ). MPRE. GA Level 5 TEFL)

Managing Principal / CEO

Exquisite Hotel Consultants (Pty) Ltd

Mobile: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951

Landline: +27 (0) 21 554 0283


Skype: cliff.jacobs

Web: https://www.exquisitehotelconsultants.com

C/o Sybelstrasse 69

10629 Berlin


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