This gorgeous island forms part of the Mitsio Archipelago in the northwest of Madagascar. : for rent

This gorgeous island forms part of the Mitsio Archipelago in the northwest of Madagascar.

Nosy Mitsio, Nosy Be, Madagascar


Agent: Giovanni Conti - (Italy, North and East Africa, Sri Lanka)
Agent Cellphone: +27 84 413 1071
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Type: Island
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The island's forest is relatively untouched. From the peak of the highest mountain (219 metres) one has a spectacular view over the Mitsio Archipelago and surrounding reefs.

The Mitsio Archipelago consists of a dozen small islands located about 55 kilometres northeast of Nosy Be and 30 kilometres off the mainland of Madagascar. The archipelago is an excellent diving and snorkelling destination, with some of Madagascar's best dive sites. Corals are in good condition and the ocean offers a large diversity of reef fish, such as eels, barracuda, kingfish and tuna. Beautiful beaches make the islands a dream destination for day excursions.

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Key features
  • This is one of the best islands in the area and belongs to the same owner of a nearby resort company that has been officially leased since 1994. The Head Lease was renewed in 2008 until 2017 and has again been renewed for another lengthy period from 2017.
  • The sale of head lease agreement will be possible with the acquisition of the company shares which alows for an easier way to escape from all state property bureaucracy.
  • The island's  size is 30 hectares with a very nice white beach.
  • Its distance from Nosy Be by speed boat is about 1h,30m or  20 minutes by a private helicopter accommodating 4 persons.
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Carta Mitsio

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