Gorgeous 5 star Hotel in Rome: for sale

Gorgeous 5 star Hotel in Rome

Rome, Italy


64 000 000 EUR

Agent: Giovanni Conti - (Italy, North and East Africa, Sri Lanka)
Agent Cellphone: +27 84 413 1071
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Type: Hotel
Bedrooms: 110
Bathrooms: 110
Showers: 110
Parking: 0
Yield: Not Disclosed
TGCSA Rating: 5 Star

Rome is the capital city of Italy and a specia comune. Rome also serves as the capital of the Lazio Region. With 2,868,782 residents in 1,285 km2 (496.1 sq mi), it is also the country's most populated comune. It is the fourth-most populous city in the European Union by population within city limits. It is the centre of the Metropolitan City of Rome, which has a population of 4.3 million residents. Rome is located in the central-western portion of the Italian Peninsula, within Lazio (Latium), along the shores of the Tiber. The Vatican City (the smallest country in the world) is an independent country inside the city boundaries of Rome, the only existing example of a country within a city: for this reason Rome has been often defined as capital of two states.

Rome's history spans 28 centuries. While Roman mythology dates the founding of Rome at around 753 BC, the site has been inhabited for much longer, making it one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Europe. The city's early population originated from a mix of Latins, Etruscans, and Sabines. Eventually, the city successively became the capital of the Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, and is regarded as the birthplace of Western civilization and by some as the first ever metropolis. It was first called The Eternal City by the Roman poet Tibullus in the 1st century BC, and the expression was also taken up by Ovid, Virgil, and Livy. Rome is also called the "Caput Mundi" (Capital of the World). After the fall of the Western Empire, which marked the beginning of the Middle Ages, Rome slowly fell under the political control of the Papacy, which had settled in the city since the 1st century AD, until in the 8th century it became the capital of the Papal State, which lasted until 1870. Beginning with the Renaissance, almost all the popes since Nicholas V (1447–1455) pursued over four hundred years a coherent architectural and urban programme aimed at making the city the artistic and cultural centre of the world. In this way, Rome became first one of the major centres of the Italian Renaissance and then the birthplace of both the Baroque style and Neclassicism. Famous artists, painters, sculptors and architects made Rome the centre of their activity, creating masterpieces throughout the city. In 1871, Rome became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, which, in 1946, became the Italian Republic.

Rome has the status of a global city. In 2016, Rome ranked as the 14th-most-visited city in the world, 3rd most visited in the European Union, and the most popular tourist attraction in Italy. Its historic centre is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Monuments and museums such as the Vatican Museums and the Coloisseum are among the world's most visited tourist destinations with both locations receiving millions of tourists a year, and the city hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics. Rome is the seat of several specialized agencies of the United Nations, such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Food Programme (WFP) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The city hosts the headquarters of many international business companies, such as Eni, Enel, TIM, Leonardo S.p.A, and national and international banks such as UNICREDIT AND BNL. Its business district, called EUR, is the base of many companies involved in the oil industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and financial services. Rome is also an important fashion and design centre thanks to renowned international brands centered in the city. Rome's Cinecitta Studios have been the set of many Academy Award–winning movies.

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Key features

Visitors will carry back with them images of a marvelous journey, a wonderful adventure in Rome, that will remain with them forever.

All the 110 luxury rooms and suites are comfortable, in classic style. The furniture is in clear cherry wood and the dominant tone of the 19th-century inspired fabrics is a delicate beige. There is a soft maroon or blue carpet with small designs covering the floors. The bathrooms are in prestigious marble.


Typical Roman materials, such as travertine stone and porphyry, have deliberately been used in the courtyard.

The rim around the fountain is an original piece from the16th century; the basin consists of a slab of diagonally veined Carrara marble while the plate is of stark white statuary marble, where the water slides through with shimmering effect.

The architects took their inspiration from the "carpets of water" in India, which mark the thresholds of the internal courtyards of the Maharaja palaces.

The space around is of elegant and sophisticated design, ideal for passing a few moments of relaxation, or for having supper or lunch in the seasons of fine weather which the "Eternal City" so generously provides.


The hotel’s new meeting rooms, inaugurated in 2007, are situated on the 6th and top floor, all with natural light, and with wide windows looking out over the picturesque roofs and terraces of Rome.The space is modular and can be divided up with mobile, sound-proofing panels.

The meeting rooms are equipped with all the latest technology, and the flexibility of the spaces means that the rooms can be set up in different ways.


The hotel is situated just 500meters from the Termini Train Station, in the heart of Rome,A few steps from the metro station Barberini, is possible to reach the main points of interestVilla Borghese, the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia, Piazza di Spagna, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza del Popolo and the main shopping streets (Via Condotti and Via del Corso).

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