Our lodge is the ideal accommodation for those looking for tranquillity and natural beauty ; the remoteness of the place is an invitation to relaxation: for sale

Our lodge is the ideal accommodation for those looking for tranquillity and natural beauty ; the remoteness of the place is an invitation to relaxation

Pemba, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique


5 000 000 ZAR

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
Agent Office Number: +27 (0) 21 554 0283
Agent Email Address: cliff@exquisitehotelconsultants.com
Type: Lodge
Bedrooms: 8
Bathrooms: 8
Showers: 8
Parking: 10
Yield: Not Disclosed

We are a small, isolated, exclusive place, with 8 rooms in beautiful and charming bungalows, all with a view on the Indian ocean. We have taken care to use local materials (coco leaves, bamboos, teak decks, red sand) in all construction, delicately blended with modern facilities to provide comfort with a unique style.

Our cosy restaurant / bar is on the beach, and we take great care at giving you the best food we can! Emmanuelle and Georges will be happy to prepare local fish, fruits and vegetables with a mix of french flair.

Meals are home made and well served. We offer three course dinners. The fish and seafood come from the local fishermen who park their kaskinhas (dug out canoes) on the beach.

Wifi, wireless internet, is available at the restaurant.

You can roam around with one of our sea kayaks. Conditions are ideal for kitesurfing from May to October. We can help you organise your trip to the Quirimbas National Parc, Ibo Island, or Ilha de Mozambique.  We can also help you organise day trips to Pemba to do whale watching (from july to september), snorkeling, or diving.

The beauty of the white sandbanks and of the emerald waters shifting with the tides offers a never ending show. The beach is clean and calm. The nearest village is kilometres away.

As a true ecolodge, we produce our own electricity (24/24) thanks to solar panels and a locally built wind turbine. Our hot water is provided using solar water heaters, which are also made in Pemba. All dark waters go in septic tanks, while grey waters are used for irrigation..

We promised the village chief we would only hire people from the nearby villages. This is the least we can do in terms of community involvement. Thus all staff is local. We have trained them from scratch. They are hard working, enthusiastic and honest.

We do our best in sustainability, getting nearly all vegetables and fruits from local markets. All the fish come from the fishermen on our beach..

Our Lodge provides an intimate setting, with a friendly atmosphere, and is perfect for honeymoons, families, couples and friends. We are more a guest house than a hotel.

The bungalows

The bungalow style is a subtle blend of wood, bamboos, teak decks, and modern facilities. Roofs are made of bamboo and makuti (interwoven coco leaves).

Cosy and large chalets with private and shadowed terraces

Cosy and large chalets with private and shadowed terraces
We have stilt and double bungalows equipped with large rooms and private bathrooms (including western style toilets).

All rooms have hot water, large mosquito nets, a safe, and king size or double beds, from all of which you can enjoy a view over the Indian Ocean. 
Rooms are cleaned up every day. Linens are changed every 2 days.

All our rooms are made with local materials (coco leaves, bamboo, teak decks, red sand), delicately blended with modern facilities to provide comfort with a unique style.

You can enjoy the teak deck under the shadow of the makuti roof. Chill out and contemplate the view on the coconut trees and the sea.

Our double/family/twin rooms

Our double/family/twin rooms
Our double rooms have a king size bed. They are ideal for a couple. This room is 20m2.

Our twin rooms are equipped with a double bed and a single bed. They can be rented by a couple, 2 friends or by a one child family. This room is 20m2.

Our family rooms are equipped with a double bed and a single bed on the ground floor along with a small mezzanine with 2 additional single beds. This room is 28m2.

Double bungalows : convenient for families

Double bungalows : convenient for families
These bungalows have 2 double rooms 20 m2 each. One with a king size bed, the other with a double and single bed.

Each room can be rented separately, your privacy is preserved.

For families, the rooms can communicate.
Stilt Bungalows : a cosy nest for honeymooners
Stilt Bungalows : a cosy nest for honeymooners
These gorgeous bungalows, built on wooden platforms 2 meters high, are 50 meters from the beach. They are wide and large with their 50 m2. 
Every thing is made of wood and bamboo, carefully hand made by local craftmen.

You can enjoy the view on the beach from the sofa or the hammock on the outside deck. 

All our guests are stunned the first time they enter this chalet.
The bathroom is really beautiful...

Activities, information


Sea Kayak, Snorkeling, Beach Volley, Badminton, Pétanque

Conditions are ideal for kitesurfing from may to october.
Here is a film shot on Murrébué Beach: Mozambique Kitesurf Paradise

You can also have a walk on the beach, stroll on the sandbanks at low tide, and of course have a swim ! 

We can also help you organise day trips to Pemba to do whale watching (from july to september), snorkeling, or diving.

Water temperature : we call it cold when it goes down to 25. What more do you need to know?
The beach : no stones, no urchins. Only sand.
A beautiful 1.5 hour walk around a freshwater lake just behind the dunes. Pelicans, storks and herons are often seen there at sundown.

70 Euros per car
This one and a half hour tour will enable you to discover the main features of our little city.
Try to come for the full moon, and witness the magnificent view of our red satellite rising over the Indian Ocean in the early night sky.

Discover the amazing southern sky with our telescope.

Sunrise and Sunset at 5h20 and 17h20 all year round, +/- 20 minutes

Electricity : Wind turbine and batteries. 220V European plugs

Malaria : prophylaxis strongly recommended. Seek advice with your doctor.

Altitude : 0 + your height...


We are on the beach, facing the ocean. We almost always have a refreshing wind.

The nicest time to come is June to September, when it is cool and not too stuffy. Nights can be nice and fresh.

The dry season starts in may and ends in December. The rainy season is… guess what ! January to April. 

But even in the rainy season, we rarely have bad weather for a long time. The sea winds just make all these bad clouds go away after short heavy rains which rarely last more than one or two hours.

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Key features


We arrived in Mozambique in February 2007. We explored the entire coast from Mocimboa da Praia near Tanzania to Maputo, the capital in the south. We spotted a beautiful beach near Pemba, not far from an international airport in a region still underdeveloped in terms of tourism.  Assets of the land: a former coconut farm on a world class white sandy beach, without rocks or sea urchins. Presence of an unexplored coral reef and abundant marine fauna.

Assets of Pemba in 2007: land prices, international airport with good links to Tanzania, South Africa, Mayotte, and Kenya, completion of major bridges (Rovuma, Zambezi) making the area more accessible, and completion of paved roads (to Tanzania and southern Mozambique, as well as Malawi) 

Today, it seems that the choice of Pemba was appropriate, the potential is there more than ever. 

We have the best reviews for a midrange hospitality business on TripAdvisor , Expedia and Booking.com for Pemba. But we are in the following situation.  - We have a child, and we do not wish to have him follow school in Pemba.  - We are very proud of what we did here. But we want to move on with our lives and do something else.  Our lodge is already able to sustain itself all year round. The cash flow even allows going on holiday a few times a year and going on slowly with construction.



Stable country since the end of the civil war in 1994, Mozambique is a country of opportunities, with a strong economic growth.  Huge reserves of gas, coal, metals of all kinds as well as rare earths have been discovered in parts of the country.

The tourism sector has huge potential. Mozambique is first known for its beautiful beaches and luxury lodges. The safari business is still in its infancy, but the potential is enormous given the parks and game reserves of the country. 


City of 120,000 inhabitants. Key economic sectors are sawmills and timber exports, fishing, tourism, NGOs of all kinds, and more recently logistics  for the gas and oil industry. Pemba is primarily a logistics center for its region. The surroundings and the area are beautiful but the town itself has no particular interest.  Gas and oil were discovered near the Tanzanian border, which induced a real estate fever related to the influx of expats.  In tourism, Pemba is serving as a transit place to the Quirimbas Archipelago, a string of idyllic islands between Pemba and Tanzania. Many islands are occupied by luxury lodges. Also of note is the island of Ibo, the former colonial capital province, with its unique charm.  8 hours away on a bad road (a paved road is under construction) is the Niassa Reserve, as big as Belgium. It includes 4 000 elephants. This reserve will probably be an asset for tourism for Pemba when the access problem is resolved and a few lodges start operating.  In terms of airline service, Pemba has 3 weekly direct flights to Dar Es Salaam, 3 direct with Nairobi, 5 direct with Johannesburg and daily flights to Johannesburg via Maputo. A link with Mayotte is on/off. 

A new international airport has been completed in 2014. 

Our project


The name of our lodge means "sleep" in Kimwani”, the local language of the Quirimbas islands, very close to the Swahili.  We are 20 minutes from the airport, 30 minutes from the city, on a beautiful beach, still preserved. We are out of town, away from villages; tranquility, and feeling of insularity.  Just in front, 2 km from the beach, is an unexplored coral reef 15 km long.

Just behind the reef, humpback whales come to give birth from July to October. 

All year round, there are manta rays. Dolphins of five different species are seen throughout the year. Some turtles. No sharks. 

Our goal was to build eight rooms and a restaurant.   Architecture and style: Local materials. Style terracotta and bamboo for walls, roofs of bamboos with tiles of woven coconut tree leaves.  We do not open the restaurant to the public, only for guests.  We produce our own electricity. We use solar panels, a wind turbine and batteries. We use a generator to top up energy needs when required.

The Land 

Waterfront: 280 m.  Depth: 370 meters.  Surface of 9 ha.  The land is flat, cleared, filled with coconut palms, with a large dune 10 meters high on the back. The surrounding land is open, lined with coconut palms and undeveloped.  The ground water is safe to drink.

There is a power line less than 1km away.

City water is also available for connection 1km away.  

Administrative stuff

  • State documents and permission obtained:  - Renewable Land Concession of 50 years.
  • Building permits.
  • Maritime license.
  • Environmental impact license.
  • Tourism agreement for the construction of an eco lodge with a potential total of 20 rooms, 3 stars. 
  • Operating License. 

Status of work done

Works and investments 

  • 3 family bungalows, 75 m2 each with 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a terrace.
  • Two 50m2 stilt bungalows with a bedroom, bathroom and terrace.  
  • A 300m2 restaurant and bar, including a kitchen, bar stock, a large terrace for the restaurant, a spacious lounge.
  • A 100 m2 fully equipped bungalow which serves as our home.
  • A toilet block for clients / staff.
  • A cistern.
  • A well providing drinking water with 2-3 m3/hr. 
  • A 75m2 workshop / laundry / stock complex.
  • An underground network of water pipes.
  • An underground network of electric cables.
  • A road of 800 meters passing two dunes. 
  • Three 6Kva generators.
  • A 1 kW wind turbine, 2 kW solar panels with batteries, controller and inverters (including spares).
  • A boat able to take 6 pax to the reef. With trailer.
  • A 1988 Land Cruiser in poor condition. We use it for construction.
  • A 4*4 minibus in good condition (Toyota Hi Ace).
  • A 2 ton load trailer.

New potential projects 

  • Staff accommodation.
  • 2 other bungalows on stilts.
  • A swimming pool.
  • A tennis court.
  • Connection to EDM.

We have already have approval from the department of tourism for construction of up to 20 rooms/52 beds.


We are very pleased with our team.  All our employees are under contract. Most of them have been with us for at least 5 years.  5 guards operate in rotation to monitor the land at all times. The construction/maintenance team is made of 2 workers.  We have 2 cooks, one waiter, one room cleaner and one manager.

Company value and equity

The company, Nossa Baia Limitada, owns our Lodge and all the equipment, rights and concessions. 

My partner and I are owners of 100% of the company. Company law in Mozambique is very close to the Portuguese and French law. You could compare the status of Nossa Baia to a limited liability company. 



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Ulala 171 640
Ulala Bar

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