The lodge is situated on the bank of the Kunene River which forms the north-western border between Angola and Namibia: for sale

The lodge is situated on the bank of the Kunene River which forms the north-western border between Angola and Namibia

Ruacana, Namibia


9 500 000 ZAR

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
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Type: Game Lodge
Bedrooms: 24
Bathrooms: 12
Showers: 12
Parking: 0
Yield: Not Disclosed

Ruacana is a town in Omusati, northern Namibia and the district capital of the Ruacana electoral constituency. It is located on the border with Angola on the river Kunene. The town is known for the picturesque Ruacana Falls nearby, and for the Ruacana Power Station.

Ruacana was developed around a major underground hydroelectric plant linked to the nearby dam across the border in Angola at Calueque. The dam and pumping station were bombed in a Cuban airstrike in 1988, during the Angolan Civil War. The facility was partially repaired and today NamPower operates three turbines producing a maximum of 240 megawatts.

OvaZemba and OvaHimba people are native to the area. The name Ruacana originated from one of the first settlers in Ruacana called Ruhakana. The town was therefore named after Mr. Ruhakana although it is currently written as Ruacana.

Ruacana's settlement status was upgraded to that of a village in 2005, and to town in 2010. It is now governed by a town council that has seven seats. The 2015 local Authority election was won by SWAPO which gained six seats and 826 votes. The remaining seat went to the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) which gained 53 votes.

The place normally receives an annual average rainfall of 426 millimetres (16.8 in), although in the 2010/2011 rainy season 960 millimetres (38 in) were measured.

The 600 hectares (1,500 acres) farm Etunda is situated near Ruacana. It is run as a government-supported irrigation scheme and has been established in 1993. Half of the farm is commercial irrigation land, the other half is allocated to 82 small-scale farmers. Etunda cultivates maize, wheat, watermelons, bananas, and other produce.

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Key features


From the bar and restaurant, a deck extends over the river, making for a spectacular location to enjoy a drink or a delicious meal with overlooking the river opportunities to boot. 

Excitement abounds nearby at Ondorusu Gorge, where the adventurous at heart can try white-water rafting. Two of the four-day rafting excursions take you along parts of the river where few have ventured, camping overnight on the riverbank.

Spot rare endemic birds during the bird cruise, meet the Himba people and learn about their culture, and marvel at the African sunset mirrored in the river during a sundowner cruise.

Your stay will be filled with adventure and memorable moments.


We have set twelve Campsites in the Lodge grounds amid the lush undergrowth and under the shade of the wonderful old Leadwood and Jackalberry trees by the Kunene River. Most enjoy a location directly overlooking the river.

Live close to nature and as rough or as comfortably as you choose, but with all the facilities of Kunene River Lodge nearby.

Campsite Facilities include:-

  • Electricity power-point - power on from 06:00 to 22:00 (approx.).
  • Braai (barbecue) area.
  • Separate communal ablution blocks for men and women.
  • Each block has 4 WCs, 4 hot & cold showers, washbasins.

What To Expect

In the vast wilderness  of north-west Namibia, this  spectacularly remote lodge is situated on the bank of the mighty river, overlooking Angola. Here, where  the  winding river  washes  down  to  the  sea, adventure and tranquility meet.

Staying with us

A lush canopy of indigenous trees shades the grounds, accommodation and campsites,  while the swimming pool beckons from a sunny lawn. From the bar and restaurant, a deck extends over the river making a spectacular location for a relaxing drink, delicious meal and birdwatching while winding down to the pace of the river.

Eight comfortable rooms, complete with air-conditioning and decks facing the lawn, en-suite showers, separate en-suite toilets and washbasins set in large dressing tables, allow an enjoyable stay. Each room has a small refrigerator and safe for valuables.

Rustic chalets built from stone lend a hint of the pioneering lifestyle in this remote area. Adjoining shower, separate toilet and welcome air-conditioning bring a touch of bliss to the simplistic style.

Campsites in the shade of old leadwood and jackalberry trees,  will appeal to rugged travellers with most of them offering a view of the river. Electrical outlets and braai facilities are available at each site with communal ablution blocks for men and women with hot water.


Whether you are seeking adventure or wish to break from your daily routine and just relax, Kunene River Lodge will meet your needs.

Birding enthusiasts will love it here. With the discovery of the first two Cinderella Waxbill nests in the wild, the sighting of this elusive species is a regular treat.  There are many other species  of great interest to be found in the area including the rare  Grey  Kestrel which is resident nearby. 


Africa’s fabulous sunsets are legendary, and they look even better from the water during a Sundowner Cruise, especially with a refreshing sundowner in your hand.

Birdwatching from the water is a leisurely pastime as the boat meanders along the current. Your eagle-eyed guide will point out the local feathered inhabitants as a new day dawns over the Kunene.

Later that day, venture into a Himba Village where the inhabitants hold fast to their traditional way of life. These remarkable people will teach you more about their proud customs and culture.

As one of Namibia’s foremost rafting locations you can experience a thrilling ride through the  rapids of the  Ondorusu Gorge, a day long adventure or a tailor-made expedition to Epupa Falls, camping under the stars, with full backup and an expert guide.

The soothing sounds of the river and birdsong will capture your heart. You will long to stay here where adventure meets tranquility.

Quick Facts

Room Types

8 DeLuxe Rooms (1-4 pax)

  • Spacious, air-conditioned rooms with verandah overlooking the lawns.
  • 5 Deluxe Rooms equipped with two large double beds with hanging mosquito nets.
  • 2 Deluxe Family Rooms equipped with triple single beds with hanging mosquito nets.
  • 1 Deluxe Family Room with double bed and two bunk beds with hanging mosquito nets.
  • En-suite shower room. Separate en-suite WC. Washbasin set in large dressing table.
  • Wardrobe. Large wall-mounted desk. Chairs and bedside tables. Refrigerator. Safe for valuables.
  • 24 hr mains electricity. Power points. Tea and Coffee Station. 24 hr laundry service available.
  • Large sliding patio doors fitted with gauze screens. Garden furniture on verandah.

4 Rustic Chalets (1-2 pax)

  • Stone-built A-Frame Rustic Chalets with a hint of the pioneering life-style in this remote area.
  • 3 Rustic Chalets furnished with one double bed with hanging mosquito net.
  • 1 Rustic Chalet furnished with two single beds with hanging mosquito nets.
  • En-suite shower room with WC and washbasin.
  • Overhead cooling fan. Traditional hanging mosquito nets. Wardrobe and storage area.
  • 24 hr mains electricity. Power points. 24 hr laundry service available.
  • Shaded outside seating area overlooking gardens.

12 Campsites (1-20 pax)

  • All Campsites set amid lush undergrowth under the shade of old Leadwood and Jackalberry trees.
  • Most enjoy a location overlooking the Kunene River. All Lodge facilities available to Campers.
  • Electricity powerpoint (power available from 06:00 to 22:00)
  • Braai (barbecue) area
  • Separate communal ablution blocks for men and women. 
  • Each block has 4 WCs, 4 hot and cold showers and washbasins.
  • Restaurant meals available by special request - subject to availability.
  • Laundry service not normally available to Campers.

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KRL 3404
KRL 8bf5
KRL 1f8d
KRL 160a
KRL 2d46
KRL 9677
KRL 9683
KRL 9695
KRL 9704
KRL 0238
KRL 0248
KRL 9412
KRL 9476
KRL 4619
KRL 4716
KRL 5277
KRL 6114
KRL 6115
KRL 6120
KRL 6122
KRL 8044
KRL 8051
KRL 8061
KRL 8062
KRL 5510
KRL 5517
KRL 5522
KRL 5527
KRL 5530
KRL 5539
KRL 5544
KRL 5546
KRL 5549
KRL 5552
KRL 5556
KRL 5566
KRL 5569
KRL 5573
KRL 5575
KRL 5580
KRL 5581
KRL 5586
KRL 5588
KRL 5591
KRL 5594
KRL 5598
KRL 4c39
KRL 05a8
KRL a2fc
KRL 67e6
KRL e7cc
KRL breakfast
KRL Deluxe
KRL rustic

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