Our Beach Lodge is a self-catering lodge set on the edge of the Pomene Estuary with access to the sea: for sale

Our Beach Lodge is a self-catering lodge set on the edge of the Pomene Estuary with access to the sea

Pomene Bay, Massinga, Inhambane, Mozambique


8 500 000 ZAR

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
Agent Office Number: +27 (0) 21 554 0283
Agent Email Address: cliff@exquisitehotelconsultants.com
Type: Beach Lodge
Bedrooms: 27
Bathrooms: 26
Showers: 26
Parking: 0
Yield: Not Disclosed


Pomene is an unspoilt paradise situated on the Mozambique coast halfway between Vilanculos and Inhambane. 

Pomene offers world-class fishing and snorkelling as well as miles of pristine beaches. It has fantastic panoramic views of the estuary and surrounds and is a five minute walk from the beach. 



Within 100kms distance from this Lodge, is located the well known Extreme Drop Off. Offering a gradual decent, this area of the ocean reaches depths of 2400m and provides amazing fishing opportunities!


Warm water currents bring game fish right inshore.  Large Kingfish (Trevallies), Bonitos, Queen Fish and many other species can be caught on fly from the beach, in the estuary and from boats drifting close inshore.  There are some very shallow reefs 44m to 6m deep that produce all your game species and are ideal for the fly fishing enthusiasts.


Pomene North Bank has kilometres and kilometres of productive fishing beaches awaiting you whether you are spooning, plugging, drop shotting or throwing Bait.  Couta, snoek, many kingfish (GT, Ignobolis, bluefin, big eye), stump nose, lemon sharks, blacktip reef sharks, blackfin, duckbill, brown skates, sand sharks, pompano, to name just a few have been landed.  Many kingfish are caught in the river mouth and couta in the estuary.  Guided Rock and Surf Trips can be arranged.


We can launch your boat in the estuary on the day you arrive and this is where it remains, safe and secure, until the day you leave.  No need to take it out on a daily basis!  

Deepsea fishing in Pomene Bay will test any top angler’s skills and their tackle. The best fishing to be had is between October and June, although no boat has come in empty-handed as yet…Species likely to be encountered are King and Queen Mackerel, Queen Fish, Wahoo, Ignobilis King Fish, Bonito, Dog Tooth Tuna, Yellow-fin Tuna,  Albacore, Pick Handle and True Barracuda, with Bill Fish being landed during the summer months.

Guests can charter a fully equipped lodge boat with an experienced skipper who knows the waters well for Deep-Sea, Fly, and Drop-Shot Fishing.  Details such as bait and tackle can be provided for onboard.


Is there a fuel station in Pomene?

No, but there is a fuel station in Massinga which is approximately 50km from Pomene. Though, do make sure you fill up your tank in Inhambane incase Massinga fuel supply runs out from the influx of tourists.

Fuel is cheaper in their local currency (meticais) compared to rands (or dollars). We suggest you fill-up before entering Mozambique's borders and fuel is more expensive the further north you travel!

Do I need a 4x4 to get to Pomene?

Yes, You do need a 4x4 but only in the last few kilometres to Pomene. Contact the lodge that you are staying at to ask if they have got a safe parking zone if you are travelling in a normal sedan vehicle and if they can pick you up.

We always recommend you enter Mozambique in a 4x4 because you won't be limited to where you can travel as well as the possibility of getting stuck. Note: Some borders require a 4x4 to cross. Read more about the border you are travelling through here: Mozambique Borders & Times.

For soft/loose sand driving, we recommend you deflate your tire pressures to about 1.4 bar.

Is it okay to drive at night?

We advise you not to drive at night.

Are there Banks or ATMS in Pomene?

No, only Major towns in Mozambique have Banks and ATMS. The closest town on-route to Pomene to draw money (local currency) is in Inhambane. Inhambane does have a bank.

Be prepared and withdraw a sufficient amount of money in the country you are travelling from to avoid inconveniences. Keep your money in a safe/discreet place.

Are there credit card facilities in Pomene?

We advise you confirm prior with the lodge you're staying at if they offer credit card facilities. Otherwise cash is only accepted in small shops and markets.

Is there a shop or market where I can buy groceries and supplies in Pomene?

No, there are roadside markets in Massinga, selling fresh produce and fruit but no supermarkets ... but there are Markets that sell fresh produce, meat and fish in Inhambane. Though we advise that you purchase Fish and other Seafood from the Fisherman in Tofo (12km away from Inhambane) and not from the Market. pau (Portuguese rolls) and other bread is sold at the local Bakery in Inhambane.

We also advise that you buy and take your own vacuum-packed meat from South Africa for the first night or 2 (if you are going to be self catering) in a cooler box with ice. Check with the lodge if they sell ice or if they have a freezer to store your meat during your stay.

Is Pomene a malaria area and do I need to take anti-malaria medication?

Yes, Mozambique as a whole is a malaria-risk area/country. We recommend you take precautions and visit your nearest doctor (you need a prescription for anti-malaria medication) to prescribe you with what's recommended before you leave for Mozambique.

It is strongly advised that you take other prophylactics like insect repellent sprays, mosquito coils, light long sleeve tops and bottoms to further prevent bites (especially during late afternoons, evenings and mornings).


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Key features


Our units consist of rustic appointed thatched lodges embracing local materials while still offering elegance and simplicity with ample room between the units to ensure clients have privacy.  The units are only 20 meters away from the water at high tide and around 30 meters at low tide, offering ever-changing and spectacular views - no day dawns the same. We have 4, 6 and 8 sleeper units which are fully equipped, all you need are your own beach towels and beach chairs.  All units are serviced and our staff will take care of all your washing, cleaning and assist to make your stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Our Lodge has 6 4-sleeper units, 1 6-sleeper unit and 3 8-sleeper units.

4-sleeper unit

These units consist of two en-suite bedrooms with a large lounge/dining room and kitchen and a lovely undercover patio. Our 4 sleeper unit is spacious and an additional bed can be accommodated in the bedrooms for children. They are ideal for families with small children or couples sharing who want to maintain a certain amount of privacy.

6-sleeper unit

This unit consists of three bedrooms with two bathrooms, the main bedroom being en-suite with the other two bedrooms sharing a bathroom. It has a nice dining room and kitchen fitted with wooden countertops and large undercover patios with awesome views to be enjoyed for those perfect evenings. This unit is ideal for people with children who would like them close at hand.

8-sleeper unit

Our eight sleeper unit is ideal for large families or large groups. This consists of four en-suite bedrooms of 30sqm each all separate with an enormous lounge/dining room and kitchen also separate from the bedrooms. This unit is ideal as you can still enjoy holidaying together but be able to retire to your private bedroom and enjoy an early night or an afternoon nap while the rest of the party can still enjoy each other's company with no chance of disturbing you.

80-seat Restaurant & Bar

We opened our Restaurant and Bar - which got off to a flying start - on the 14th of April 2012 and is still flying.

The setting of the restaurant on the Water’s Edge creates the ambiance and lends itself for clients to enjoy a delicious breakfast or family lunch while parents can watch their children play safely in the clear and tranquil waters of the lagoon. Afternoons are a must for one of its delicious cocktails or a romantic dinner; we assure you that you will not want to leave once you have experienced our restaurant.

Our restaurant has its own baker who ensures that guests are now able to order loaves of bread or pão delivered still piping hot to your door in the morning – whatever tickles your fancy. 

Our specialties being Catch of the Day, Prawns, Langoustines, Crayfish, Seafood Platters, Calamari, Perri Perri Chickens, Pizzas, Prego’s, Crab Curry and even an awesome Portuguese Steak to name but a few. 

Full DSTV for the sports enthusiasts and while watching the sport and enjoying a few drinks you can order a delicious supper or snacks.

To ensure guests have an awesome experience our restaurant hosts regular theme parties where young and old can enjoy themselves starting with a “Welcoming Delicious Cocktail” and then, let the party begin! On these evenings we offer a set menu.

Special Functions can be catered for.

Investment Land Available



ZAR 280 000


  • Situated on the Salt Water Estuary on the Northern Bank of Pomene.

Water Toys

  • Moor your boat directly in front of your unit.


  • Build a great holiday home.
  • You have the option to rent out your unit and make money off rental income.
  • Our Lodge can manage your rentals at a commission of 15% and you can benefit from the marketing of the Lodge.


  • House size and design is at your own discretion as long as it falls within your boundary.  
  • Once your final design is complete, it is sent to Mozambique to an Architect who creates a Project for your house. 
  • Each house has its own project and can be sold/bequeathed.

Building Options

  • Get the Lodge's Construction team to do your building.
  • There is no time period for you to start construction.

Understanding The Purchase

  • You are buying 5% within our Resort which has a 50-year Renewable lease on the land. 
  • This gets registered at the Notary and the publicized in the Mozambique Government Gazette (Share Certificate) and equates to your erf within the holding company. 
  • Alternatively, there is an option to take own land out of development.  You need to apply for a so-called DUAT and put it in your company name.

Power Supply

  • Purely Solar.  Most clients arrange their own solar installation based on their requirements.  We can facilitate the installation of the solar system should the need arise.


  • Pumps from well.
  • Once development is sold out, there is the option that owners join together and put a borehole.

Access to our Lodge

  • Owners will have full access to our Lodge, its activities and restaurant.  

Surrounding Area

  • Drive from border: around 10 hours
  • There are private owners around the area and a few lodges.
  • Our Lodge owns the majority of land on its Northern Sector. 

On the drive to Pomene

  • You can join DriveMoz and it is a strong network of assistance within Mozambique.  Any issues on your travels you simply contact them and they assist.

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PBL seafood platter
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PBL swings for children in
PBL the beach area
PBl the estuary to lay with

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