Amidst the peace and quiet that is Micanopy Florida’s oldest inland community stands our venerable Bed & Breakfast: for sale

Amidst the peace and quiet that is Micanopy Florida’s oldest inland community stands our venerable Bed & Breakfast

Micanopy, Florida, United States of America


1 650 000 USD

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
Agent Office Number: +27 (0) 21 554 0283
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Type: Heritage Boutique Hotel
Bedrooms: 13
Bathrooms: 13
Showers: 13
Parking: 25
Yield: Not Disclosed

History of our boutique hotel

The original house  was originally a simple “cracker style” pine farm home built circa 1845. It was a two-story affair with a detached kitchen built by one of the original settlers of Micanopy. The site of the mansion was along an Indian trading route, now known as Cholokka Boulevard. Zeddy Clarence Herlong came to Micanopy and settled into the farm house with his wife, Natalie Simonton, after his home and business had burned down in Alabama. He became involved with the local lumber industry whose operations generated the wealth necessary to remodel the once humble farm house into the grand style of the mansion today. By 1910, the original farm house structure was “fully encased within a brick classic greek revival imitation of a southern colonial design”. The Herlong’s raised six children in the home but after Natalie passed away Zeddy remarried and moved to Blackrock, South Carolina with his new bride, Marie Rosborough. The building sat vacant until a young couple bought it in the 1980’s and turned it into a Bed and Breakfast.

History of Micanopy, Florida, USA

Micanopy is a town in Alachua County, Florida, United States, located south of Gainesville. The population as of the 2010 census was 600. The oldest community in the interior of Florida that has been continually inhabited, it has a downtown that is designated as a historic district, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It contains a number of antique stores, as well as several restaurants. It is also known for being the filming location of the 1991 romantic comedy, Doc Hollywood.

The town's slogan is "The Town that Time Forgot".

In 1539 Spanish conquistador and explorer Hernando De Soto noted a Timucuan Indian village here. Over two hundred years later, the American naturalist William Bartram recorded his impressions of a proto-Seminole village named Cuscowilla in this same locale.

By the time Spain ceded its Florida provinces to the U.S. in 1821, the newly constructed hamlet of Micanopy became the first distinct United States town in the Florida Territory. One of the founders was Moses Elias Levy, a wealthy businessman and philanthropist who was involved in West Indies shipping and other interests. He immigrated to the United States in 1820.

Named after a Seminole chief, the village of Micanopy was built under the auspices of the Florida Association of New York (the earliest Florida development corporation, headquartered in Manhattan). Chief Micanopy lived about 60 miles (97 km) south in present-day Sumter County. In 1821 when the territorial village was developed, a faction of Miccosukee Indians lived in the immediate area. The historian C. S. Monaco has suggested that the town was named after Micanopy "to appease the chief and acknowledge his original authority over the land."

Both Fort Defiance (1835–1836) and Fort Micanopy (1837–1843) were located here during the Second Seminole War. Some of the bloodiest battles of that war took place along the road southwest from Fort Micanopy to Fort Wacahoota, just inside modern Alachua County. A recent archaeological study has verified both forts as well as the location of two battlefields within the town limits: the Battle of Micanopy and the Battle of Welika Pond (1836).

Prior to the 1880s, produce from Micanopy, including citrus, was carried to the southern shore of Lake Alachua and taken by boat to the northern shore, which was served by branch lines from the Transit Railroad. In 1883 the Florida Southern Railway built a branch line to Micanopy from its line running from Rochelle (southeast of Gainesville) to Ocala. In 1895 a rail line was laid from Micanopy by the Gainesville and Gulf Railroad, and by 1889 reached to Irvine and Fairfield in Marion Country, and Sampson City in Bradford County, where it connected to the Atlantic, Suwannee River and Gulf Railway and Georgia Southern and Florida Railroad. The railroads spurred farming in the surrounding area. It had a population of over 600 in 1880. In the 1920s, cars crossed Paynes Prairie on the Micanopy Causeway.

Describing the driving route from High Springs to Orlando in 1947, the fifth printing of the Florida guide, published by the Federal Writers' Project, describes Micanopy as "a village of old brick and frame buildings ... surrounded by large oaks, lofty cabbage palms, and pecan groves. The first citrus trees of the route appear here, and the landscape assumes a more tropical aspect."

Micanopy's downtown was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. The home of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, where she wrote The Yearling and Cross Creek, is in nearby Cross Creek. The house is operated as a museum.

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Key features

The stresses of modern-day life fall away the moment you enter this elegant Inn built in 1845. Southern hospitality abounds with generous breakfast served every morning as well as platters of home-baked cookies and wine in the evenings. The boutique hotel is the perfect choice for a quiet weekend getaway, group meeting, or elegant intimate wedding or honeymoon. Come relax amidst this tranquil setting, settle into a swing bed on the 2nd-floor veranda and unwind and let the stresses of everyday life melt away.


Azalea Suite 

The Azalea Suite features a queen-size bed, Newly Renovated White Marble and ceramic tile bathroom with Bathtub and Spacious Walk-In shower.  Located on First floor opening onto screened private porch with wicker furniture.

Camellia Suite

The Camellia Suite is our fully renovated newest addition to the hotel. Located in the front gable of the mansion. Features a king-size bed, A/C, ceiling fan, unique elevated alcove with leaded glass windows and a full pull out sofa, overlooking the front landscaped gardens. Private bathroom with large walk-in shower with multiple showerheads and antique vanity. Located on the third floor.

Carriage House

The private free-standing Carriage House features a King size bed, A/C, ceiling fan, tiled bathroom with shower, Jacuzzi tub for two (no tv). It is located 50 feet from the main house in a beautiful, secluded garden setting.

Dogwood Room

The Dogwood Room features a King size bed, original heart pine flooring from 1845, A/C, ceiling fan, antique furnishings with an unusual closet converted to tiled shower and a private bathroom. Opens out to the second-floor veranda through French doors.

Master Suite

The Herlong Suite is the original Master Bedroom with French door opening out to the Veranda. It features a four-poster King bed, A/C, ceiling fan, an interior room with Twin day bed (no tv), original tiled master bathroom with tub and walk-in shower.

Iris Suite

The Iris Suite, located on the third floor, features a queen size antique brass bed with an elegant sitting area. It also features a large, white-tiled deck with a Jacuzzi spa for two under leaded glass windows, A/C, ceiling fan, handmade leaded glass lighting fixtures, with a private bathroom and shower.

Jasmine Room

The Jasmine Room features a queen bed, white wicker furniture, A/C, ceiling fan and a large, spacious bathroom with shower. Located on the third floor with leaded glass windows overlooking the rear courtyard.

Magnolia Room

The Magnolia Room features a king-size canopy bed, A/C, ceiling fan, maple floor, four tall leaded glass windows, cypress trim, and bathroom with shower and claw-foot tub.

Oak Room

The Oak Room features a queen-size bed, A/C, ceiling fan, antique-furnished sitting area, antique clawfoot tub in an alcove with leaded glass windows, full private bathroom with shower. There are interior doors that may open to connect to Wisteria Room creating a Suite. Located on the third floor.

Palm Room

The Palm Room features a queen-size bed, twin day bed, A/C, ceiling fan, maple floor, bathroom with claw foot tub and shower. The room opens out to a private rear porch sitting area. Located in the rear of the mansion on the second floor.

Rose Room

The Rose Room features two antique cast iron Double beds, a Twin day bed, A/C, ceiling fan, original heart pine flooring from 1845 and white wicker furniture. It has the original bathroom with claw-foot tub and shower. Located on the second floor near the spacious veranda.

Wisteria Room

The Wisteria Room is located on the third floor and features a Queen bed, A/C, ceiling fan and a private bathroom with shower. This room may connect with interior doors to the adjacent Oak Room or it can be reserved separately. No TV.


The trill of a bird, moss floating from ancient oaks in the breeze and the sound of water falling from the garden fountain lends any affair a quiet elegance that only nature can provide. Our award-winning gardens and spacious lawns are perfect for tastefully elegant gatherings and celebrations. The Herlong specializes in intimate weddings and events against the mansion and garden backdrop.

Other Private Events

Parties and other Events

Our Dining Room may also be rented for Private Parties. The room will seat up to 22 persons.

The Long Hall will seat up to 60 people with tables and chairs provided. (Full renovation completed Feb 2018) Please contact us for pricing. Catering and services are priced separately.

The Front Porch will seat up to 40 people with tables and chairs provided. 

Conference and Corporate Events

The hotel makes a perfect location for your next Corporate Retreat or Conference. With 13 guest rooms available to attendees, our Long Hall makes a great space for your meetings and we have ample breakout spaces throughout our gardens, porches and patio areas. We are happy to cater for lunches and break items and can help with dinners.

Conference and Corporate Events

The hotel makes a perfect location for your next Corporate Retreat or Conference. With 13 guest rooms available to attendees, our Long Hall makes a great space for your meetings and we have ample breakout spaces throughout our gardens, porches and patio areas. We are happy to cater for lunches and break items and can help with dinners.

Family Reunions

With 13 guest rooms, the hotel offers an amazing spot to host your next family reunion. We are happy to cater family-style dinners and with breakfast included for all guests staying in our hotel, this will truly be your home away from home.

Group Luncheons

Group Luncheons for Red Hat Lady Groups, Book Clubs, Tour Groups, etc for up to 22 can be arranged in our Dining Room. 

HM 612
HM 660
HM 2nd Front Porch
HM 2nd Front Porch 110
HM 640
HM 24D
HM 1st Dining Room 101
HM 1st Dining Room 102
HM 1st Dining Room 103
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HM 1st Hallway 101
HM 1st hallway 102
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HM 1st Living Room 101
HM 1st Living Room 102
HM 1st Living Room 103
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HM 1st Living Room 105
HM 1st Living Room 106
HM 1st Living Room 107
HM 1st Living Room 108
HM 1st Parlor 101
HM 1st Parlor 102
HM 1st Parlor 103
HM 1st Parlor 104
HM 1st Staircase 101
HM 1st Staircase 102
HM 1st Staircase 103
HM 1st Staircase 104
HM 1st Staircase 105
HM 2nd Stairs 101
HM 2nd Front Porch 107
HM 2nd Hallway 101
HM 2nd Hallway 102
HM 2nd Hallway 103
HM 2nd Hallway 104
HM 2nd Hallway 105
HM 2nd Rear Porch 102
HM 2nd Rear Porch 103
HM 2nd Rear Porch 104
HM 3rd Hall 102
HM columns
HM Est Front 101
HM Ext Front 103
HM 106 RS
HM Ext Front 109
HM Ext Front 111
HM Est Front Porch 101
HM Ext Front Porch 103
HM Ext Front Porch 105
HM Ext Front Side 101
HM Ext Front Side 105
HM Ext Gazebo 102
HM food wine shop
HM gazebo crudites
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HM 817
HM 823
HM 5D2
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HM 624
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HM 641
HM 655
HM 666
HM 669
HM 674
HM 683
HM 688
HM 698
HM 708
HM 712
HM 716
HM Long Hall
HM history of micanopy
HM Lauren Chris
HM Lauren Chris 1
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HM Lauren Chris 4
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HM 305
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HM 345
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HM 429
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HM 561
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HM 859
HM 872
HM 879
HM 896
HM 904
HM 910
HM 914
HM 922
HM 928
HM 930
HM 937
HM 951
HM 951
HM 155
HM 158
HM 160
HM blue water
HM 469
HM 171
HM 175
HM 229
HM orange rose
HM 751
HM outdoor catering
HM outdoor large
HM Patio 101
HM pink accent
HM porch arrangement
HM porch setting
HM seating
HM table setting
HM wedding cake
HM wisteria on the lawn

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