Indulge in the stillness of nature away from the busy city life and feel the Namibian sun on your skin: for sale

Indulge in the stillness of nature away from the busy city life and feel the Namibian sun on your skin

Gobabis, Namibia


15 500 000 ZAR

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
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Type: Game Lodge
Bedrooms: 30
Bathrooms: 30
Showers: 30
Parking: 30
Yield: Not Disclosed


Gobabis is a city in eastern Namibia. It is the regional capital of the Omaheke Region, and the district capital of the Gobabis electoral constituency. Gobabis is situated 200 km (120 mi) down the B6 motorway from Windhoek to Botswana. The town is 113 km (70 mi) from the Buitepos border post with Botswana, and serves as an important link to South Africa on the tarred Trans-Kalahari Highway. Gobabis is in the heart of the cattle farming area. In fact, Gobabis is so proud of its cattle farming that a statue of a large Brahman bull with the inscription "Cattle Country" greets visitors to the town. Gobabis also has its own local Airport.


Etymology and pre-colonial history

The area around Gobabis and along the Nossob River had a strong population of elephants. The settlement itself was a base camp for ivory hunters and a trading post for elephant tusks.

In 1856 a mission station was established by one Friederich Eggert of the Rhenish Missionary Society. In the latter half of the 19th century and the early 20th-century, several conflicts flared up between the Ovambanderu and the Khauas Khoikhoi, as well as between the settlers and the indigenous people. Gobabis is in an area where the Herero and the Nama people fought wars against one another, as well as with settlers from the Cape colony that occupied the land.

According to oral tradition, the earliest name for the settlement in this area was the Khoekhoegowab word ǂkhoandabes, the place where the elephant came to lick. This reason for this name is speculated to be that elephant tusks that would crack in the dry and hot climate of the Omaheke were at times stored right in the settlement's well.[4] The Herero called the place Epako.

Later the settlement was referred to as "Gobabis" by the Whites, this expression was likely derived from goba (argue, quarrel) and bis (place): The place where people quarreled. A common earlier interpretation of the name, ǂkhoa (Elephant) -bes (place), Elephant fountain, was introduced by Heinrich Vedder and gained wide acceptance. Vedder also opined that it was Amraal LambertCaptain of the Kaiǀkhauan (Khauas Nama) who called the place Gobabis because he could not pronounce ǂKoabes. Apart from linguistic problems, this interpretation was contradicted by an 1845 letter by Reverend Joseph Tindall, a Wesleyan missionary, which states: "Reached Gobabis which I named 'Elephant's fountain'" - a place name like "Place of Altercation" would not bode too well for the missionary station he intended to establish.


The Gobabis district was proclaimed by the German authorities in February 1894 and in June the following year Gobabis was occupied by a German garrison. While the military fort, built-in 1896–7, has long since disappeared, one of the few buildings dating back to that era is the field hospital, or Lazarett, which has been declared a national monument.


Gobabis continues to grow as a town due to goods being transported from the mines of landlocked Botswana to the Namibian port of Walvis Bay, and furthermore from consumer goods being imported into Namibia from Gauteng in South Africa. The transport route is known as the Trans-Kalahari Corridor. Gobabis is connected to the Namibian railway system. The passenger train that used to run to the capital Windhoek four times a week no longer takes passengers. The town hosts a state hospital, a state clinic and a private Hospital, banking and shopping facilities. Legare Stadium is located in the town.


Gobabis is governed by a municipal council that has seven seats. The town has its own local party, the Gobabis Residents' Association (GRA) which won three council seats in the 1998 local authority election and one seat in 2004.

The 2015 local authority election was won by SWAPO which gained 3,077 votes and five seats. One seat each was won by the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA, 682 votes) and the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO, 153 votes). SWAPO also won the 2020 local authority election but lost majority control over the municipal council. It obtained 1,986 votes and gained three seats. One seat each went to the Landless People's Movement (LPM, a new party registered in 2018, 818 votes), the GRA (681 votes), NUDO (440 votes) and the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), formerly DTA, with 338 votes.


Gobabis is home to Wennie du Plessis Secondary School, which began as an Afrikaans-speaking school. With the government abolition of non-English education after grade 4 at independence, Afrikaner students endeavoured to start a private school, and the Gobabis Gymnasium in January 2000 with 67 students from grades 8 to 11 and 6 teachers. In January 2002, 122 students were reported, and on December 2, 2004, the school was registered to teach grades 1 through 12. Primary school education officially was started in January 2005. 

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Key features

About Us

What started out as merely a dream turned into reality in 2010 when the owners founded the lodge just 8 km off the Trans Kalahari highway on the Farm Klein Begin. 


Luxury Chalet

Relax, revive and recharge your soul in our premium accommodation facility. Rooms include a double bed, air conditioning, a complete kitchen, satellite television and braai area.

  • Double Bed
  • Bathroom Facilities
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Air Conditioner
  • Satellite Television (DSTV)
  • Extra Sleeper Couch
  • Equipped for up to 4 people

Thatch Room

For a more rustic experience, our Lodge also offers smaller thatch rooms, furnished with 2 single beds, a coffee/tea corner and basic bathroom facilities.

  • 2 x Single Beds
  • Bathroom Facilities
  • Roof Fan
  • Coffee Nook
  • Equipped for 2 people

Tented Chalet

Camp in luxury with our pre-assembled tented chalets. Each tent is furnished with 2 single beds with bedding.

  • 2 x Single Beds with Bedding
  • Ablution Facilities (shared between two tents)
  • Equipped for 2 people

Camping Sites

Get back to nature with ample camping space. Just you and the great outdoors. Ablution facilities available.

  • Basic camping facilities only

IPA accredited

While the Lodge caters for people of all ages, tourists and Namibians, the Lodge is also approved as the only alternative IPA Accommodation facility in Namibia and offers special fares for all IPA (International Police Association) Members, a first for Namibia.

Services Offered

Whether you are looking to laze about and leave the worries of city life behind or maybe looking for something to get the blood pumping, our Lodge offers a large array of activities and accommodation to make your stay unforgettable.

Swimming Pool

Feel the Namibian sun on your skin while lounging at the pool, cocktail in hand.


Extensive a la carte menu catering for both the carnivorous and vegetarian.


Cold beer, cocktails, liquors and coolers are all available from our cash bar.

Kids Play Area

Take a break from parenting. Let the children enjoy the play area.

Driving Range

Grab a driver and take a swing at our 200m driving range.


Perhaps you'd prefer a quieter game of mini golf at our 9-hole putt-putt course.


How about a game of volleyball during your stay?


Adrenaline junkies can also enjoy our 10m high zip-line.

Walking Trail

Or simply enjoy the stillness of nature on our walking trail.

WNL 9211
WNL 5718
WNL 2008
WNL 5589
WNL 6535
WNL 7622
WNL 6560
WNL 6773
WNL 6775
WNL 6795
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WNL 6899
WNL 9486
WNL 9668
WNL 9874
WNL 0196
WNL 0433
WNL 0524
WNL 0659
WNL 0756
WNL 0932
WNL 1150
WNL 1279
WNL 1472
WNL 1532
WNL 1685
WNL 1808
WNL 1871
WNL 1918
WNL 6028
WNL 6452
WNL 6531
WNL 1576
WNL 1589
WNL 4340
WNL 4695
WNL 5292
WNL 5403
WNL 5463
WNL 1920
WNL 4032
WNL 135
WNL 140
WNL 145
WNL 146
WNL 147
WNL 191
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WNL 143
WNL 161
WNL 178
WNL 1920
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