Overlooking the enchanting Gulf of the Borromean Islands in Stresa, our Villa is a precious gem, lovingly guarded by the lush vegetation and crystal clear water of Lake Maggiore: for sale

Overlooking the enchanting Gulf of the Borromean Islands in Stresa, our Villa is a precious gem, lovingly guarded by the lush vegetation and crystal clear water of Lake Maggiore

Stresa, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy


50 000 000 EUR

Agent: Giovanni Conti - (Italy, North and East Africa, Sri Lanka)
Agent Cellphone: +27 84 413 1071
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Agent Email Address: giovanni@exquisitehotelconsultants.com
Type: Boutique Hotel
Bedrooms: 71
Bathrooms: 71
Showers: 71
Parking: 80
Yield: Not Disclosed
TGCSA Rating: 5 Star

Lake Maggiore 

Lake Maggiore is a large lake located on the south side of the Alps. It is the second-largest lake in Italy and the largest in southern Switzerland. The lake and its shoreline are divided between the Italian regions of Piedmont and Lombardy and the Swiss canton of Ticino. Located halfway between Lake Orta and Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore extends for about 65 kilometres (40 miles) between Locarno and Arona.

The climate is mild in both summer and winter, producing Mediterranean vegetation, with many gardens growing rare and exotic plants. Well-known gardens include those of the Borromean and Brissago Islands, that of the Villa Taranto in Verbania, and the Alpinia Botanical Garden above Stresa.

Lake Maggiore is drained by the Ticino, a main tributary of the Po. Its basin also collects the waters of several large lakes, notably Lake Lugano (through the Tresa), Lake Orta (through the Toce) and Lake Varese (through the Bardello).


Lake Maggiore is 64.37 km (40 mi) long, and 3 to 5 km (2 to 3 mi) wide, except at the bay opening westward between Pallanza and Stresa, where it is 10 km (6 mi) wide. It is the longest Italian lake, although Lake Garda has a greater area. Its mean height above the sea level is 193 metres; a deep lake, its bottom is almost everywhere below sea-level: at its deepest, 179 metres below. Its form is very sinuous so that there are few points from which any considerable part of its surface can be seen at a single glance. If this lessens the effect of the apparent size, it increases the variety of its scenery. While the upper end is completely alpine in character, the middle region lies between hills of gentler form and the lower end advances to the verge of the plain of Lombardy. Lake Maggiore is the most westerly of the three great southern pre-alpine lakes, the others being Lake Como and Lake Garda.

The lake basin has tectonic-glacial origins and its volume is 37 cubic kilometres (9 cu mi). The lake has a surface area of about 213 square kilometres (82 sq mi), a maximum length of 54 km (34 mi) (on a straight line) and, at its widest, is 12 km (7 mi). Its main tributaries are the Ticino, the Maggia (forming a very large delta), the Toce (by which it receives the outflow of Lake Orta) and the Tresa (which is the sole emissary of Lake Lugano). The rivers VerzascaGiona, and Cannobino also flow into the lake. Its outlet is the Ticino which, in turn, joins the river Po just south-east of Pavia.

The lake’s jagged banks are surrounded by the Pennine and Lepontine Alps, and Lugano Prealps. Prominent peaks around the lake are the GridoneMonte TamaroMonte Nudo and the Mottarone. The highest mountain overlooking Lake Maggiore is Monte Rosa (4,634 m, 15,203 ft), located about 50 kilometres (31 mi) west of it. The western bank is in Piedmont (provinces of Novara and Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola) and the eastern in Lombardy (province of Varese), whereas the most northerly section extends 13 kilometres (8 mi) into the canton of Ticino, where it constitutes its lowest point above sea level as well as that of Switzerland. The culminating point of the lake's drainage basin is the Grenzgipfel summit of Monte Rosa at 4,618 metres (15,151 ft) above sea level.


Lake Maggiore weather is humid subtropical (Cfa in the Köppen climate classification). During winter, the lake helps to maintain a higher temperature in the surrounding region (since water releases heat energy more slowly than air). The temperatures are cooled down in summer by the breezes that blow on the water's surface, changing its colour. The area enjoys nearly 2300 hours of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of 15.5 °C (60 °F). The water of the lake has a comfortable temperature of 20 °C (68 °F) to 22 °C (72 °F) in July and August. In winter snowfall is erratic and primarily affects the higher elevations. Rainfall is heaviest in May and lowest during the winter months.


Sacro Monte di Ghiffa

The Sacred Mountain of Ghiffa is a Roman Catholic devotional complex in the comune of Ghiffa, (Piedmont, northern Italy), overlooking the Lake Maggiore. It is one of the nine Sacri Monti of Piedmont and Lombardy, included in UNESCO World Heritage list.


The Spirit of Woodstock Festival is an annual open-air festival at the end of July/beginning of August. It is organized in Armeno by the Mirapuri community.


The first archaeological findings around the lake belong to nomadic people living in the area in prehistoric types. The first settlements discovered date from the Copper Age. The area was later under the control of the Ligures, later replaced by the Celts. The latter was in turn conquered by the Romans, who called the lake Verbanus Lacus or Lacus Maximus.

After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the lake was under different domains. Most of the current settlements originated in the Middle Ages when the lake was under the Della TorreVisconti, the Borromeo and Habsburg families.

Methane was first discovered and isolated by Alessandro Volta as he analysed marsh gas from Lake Maggiore, between 1776 and 1778In 1936, a Bugatti Type 22 Brescia Roadster, built 1925, was sunk in the lake by employees of Zürich architect Marco Schmucklerski, when Swiss customs officials investigated whether he had paid taxes on the car. The Bugatti was attached to an iron chain making it possible to recover it once the investigation was over, yet that never happened. When the chain corroded, the car sunk to the lake bed, where it was rediscovered on 18 August 1967 by local diver Ugo Pillon and became a favourite target for divers thereafter. When one of the divers, Damiano Tamagni, was killed in a hold-up on 1 February 2008, his friends from the Ascona divers' club decided to lift and sell the car wreck to raise funds for a yet to be created foundation named after the victim. The remains of the Bugatti were recovered on 12 July 2009. The sale took place at the Retro Mobile classic car exhibition in Paris on 23 January 2010. It was sold for €260,500.

The Hotel Meina incident at Lake Maggiore

Meina is a municipality located 77 kilometres (48 miles) northwest of Milan, on the southern shores of Lake Maggiore. The Hotel Meina was located north of the town of Meina and was owned by Alberto and Eugenia Behar, Sephardic Jews who had moved to Italy from Constantinople. On September 1943, an armistice was declared between Italy and the Allies. At that time, the Hotel Meina housed a number of Jewish guests, most of them escapees of the Nazi occupation of Greece. The area around Lake Maggiore was not under Allied control but was occupied by the German Waffen-SS, specifically the infamous Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. Captain Hans Krüger, who directed operations in Meina and the surrounding villages, was in charge of locating the Jews in that area and was responsible for the Lake Maggiore massacres in which approximately 54 Jews were murdered.

References in literature and popular culture

Lake Maggiore is featured in American writer Ernest Hemingway's novel A Farewell to Arms. The protagonist (Frederic Henry) and his lover (Catherine Barkley) are forced to cross the transnational border within the lake in a row boat to escape Italian carabinieri.

It also appeared as the location of a fictional racetrack in the racing game Gran Turismo Sport.


Stresa is a town and comune of about 5,000 residents on the shores of Lake Maggiore in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in the Piedmont region of northern Italy , about 90 kilometers (56 mi) northwest of Milan. It is situated on road and rail routes to the Simplon Pass.


The name of this town first appeared in documents in AD 998.

In the 15th century, it grew into a fishing community and owed feudal allegiance to the Visconti family. It subsequently came under the control of the Borromeo family. In 1948 American author and journalist Ernest Hemingway visited the town. He had set part of his 1929 novel Farewell to Arms in the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees. In 2002 Stresa hosted the 10th International Hemingway Conference.

Stresa has played host to a number of political conferences in the 20th century, including in:

Stresa is also the venue for the "Musical Weeks"; an international classical music festival which is held annually in the summer.


Regular boat services from the town's two docks provide access to the nearby Borromean Islands. Until its May 2021 crash, the Stresa-Alpino-Mottarone Cable Car offered a 20-minute ride to the summit of Monte Mottarone , with the Giardino Botanico Alpinia en route. Eurocity services connect to Milan, Berne and Geneva.

Main sights

  • Villa Ducale, commissioned by Giacomo Filippo Bolongaro and dating from about 1770. In 1848 the villa passed to the Italian philosopher Antonio Rosmini-Serbati and today it houses the International Center for Rosminian Studies.
  • Villa Dell'Orto, built in 1900. It was commissioned by the painter Liberto Dell'Orto and designed by Boffi.
  • The large Villa Pallavicino, between Stresa and Belgirate . It was the inspiration of Ruggero Bonghi in the 1850s and now is the site of a zoological park.
  • The church of S. Ambrogio (restored in Neoclassical style by Giuseppe Zanoia in 1790)

Famous buildings of Stresa in movies

Villa Castelli, location of the black comedy Blessed are the rich ( Blessed Are the Rich ) (1972) by Salvatore Samperi , the TV movie horror I met a shadow (1974) by Daniele D'Anza, the thriller The Bishop's Bedroom ( The room del vescovo ) (1977) by Dino Risi and the drama La Sapienza (2014) by Eugène Green .

Hotel Regina Palace, location of Totò at the Giro d'Italia (1948) by Mario Mattoli , Miss Italy (1950) by Duilio Coletti , Grand Hotel Excelsior (1982) by Castellano & Pipolo.

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Key features

About Us

Like a beating heart, the evocative Italian Patio spreads care and passion into the new rooms that embrace it, creating sensations of elegance throughout a balanced and harmonious environment.

The floors are Venetian terrazzo style, the columns are made of shining marble, the standards and the precious fabrics on the walls wrap the rooms in soft light, creating a charming play of iridescent reflections.

Direct access from the external entrance to the Halls makes these spaces ideal for hosting big events and car presentations with great style.

The concept of luxury is reinvented and renewed at our Villa, where the refinement of the most classic styles blends with a modern and attentive mentality, creating an intimate dimension in which you can let yourself be pampered while surrounded by the most exquisite and sensual materials.

"everywhere, every detail and every one of the smallest features helps turn the experience of anyone choosing to stay here into a dream."


Allow yourself to enjoy moments of incomparable relaxation and intimate reflection by choosing the perfect, most restful setting that best suits your desires, from the wide range of rooms and offers available at our Villa.

Wake up every morning to the view of the gently rippling water of the lake, or allow yourself to be lulled on sunny afternoons by the soft sunlight that filters through the leafy branches of the tall trees, creating strange shadows on the half-open window.

Rest in the most private rooms, hidden behind a thousand fragrant flowers, and admire the views of the lake and its gentle mountains from those private balconies.

Deluxe lake view room

Appeared on the noble side of the Resort overlooking the lake and the Borromeo Islands, those rooms have a wide private balcony, working desk and chairs, Jacuzzi tub and/or shower, Acqua di Parma bath amenities, chenille bathrobe and slippers, with an average size of 26 sqm plus 9 sqm of the balcony. Can be twin bedded, triple occupancy and interconnecting with other Lake View rooms or with Junior Suites, Flower Suites or Belvedere Suite.

Room size 35 m²

Average size 26 m², balcony 9 m².

Junior Suite Lake View

Elegant rooms with a living area, a private terrace with a privileged view of the Borromean Islands, a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub and Acqua di Parma products. All these elements combine to recreate a feeling of intimate cosiness in each room, making these refined rooms ideal for special occasions and romantic stays.

They can have separate beds and can be triple and communicating with the deluxe lake-view rooms.

Room size 53 m²

Average size 38 m², terrace 15 m².

Flower Suite Lake View

Located on the higher floors of the Hotel, these delightful rooms can be on one level or extend over two floors. The large living room, the spacious bedroom and the private balcony make them ideal for families staying with children and teenagers, up to a maximum of four people. The large bathroom has a Jacuzzi tub and Acqua di Parma products.

They can have separate beds and can be triple and communicating with the deluxe lake-view rooms.

Room size 49 m²

Average size 40 m², balcony 10 m².

Belvedere Suite Lake view

The splendid view overlooking Lake Maggiore and its Islands makes these rooms excellent for an unforgettable stay. Equipped with a spacious bedroom with an adjoining walk-in wardrobe, a large private living room and bathroom with Jacuzzi tub, separate shower and Acqua di Parma products. They can also accommodate up to four people. They can have separated beds and be communicating with the double deluxe lake-view rooms and with the Liz Taylor suites.

Room size 74 m²

Average size 60 m², balcony 14 m².

Liz Taylor Suite Lake View

These suites, dedicated to the famous actress Liz Taylor, who was a guest of the Villa in the 1960s, are situated on the third and the fourth floor of the Hotel. They consist of a bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, a separate shower and Acqua di Parma products, a large double bedroom with a view of the lake, which you can also enjoy from the bed for an unforgettable awakening, and a walk-in wardrobe. An elegant private office and the room overlooking the Borromeo Islands enrich these refined rooms.  They have three large balconies, two of which have a view of the lake and facing the Hotel's park. They can have separate beds, can accommodate up to six people and be communicating with the Belvedere lake-view suites.

Room size 160 m ²

Average size 122 m², balcony 38 m².

La Borromea Suite lake view

This is our hotel's pride and joy!

It occupies the entire fifth floor of the Hotel and can only be reached via the lift or a private staircase.

The twin room is a large and balanced space, with two queen size beds.

In the large bathroom, there is an elegant mosaic mounted around the Jacuzzi tub, while the spacious separate shower and the Acqua di Parma products complete the elements room.

The intimate lounge, located under the cupola, offers an incomparable view of the Borromeo Islands. The whole suite is surrounded by balconies and terraces. On the terrace overlooking the lake, there is also a large Jacuzzi tub from which you can enjoy the view of the entire Borromean Gulf.

Room size 115 m²

Average size 105 m², terrace 100 m².

Double Room Park view

Set in the lush greenery of the Hotel's park, surrounded by the incredible colours and delicate scents of camellias and rhododendrons, these rooms are ideal for a relaxing stay. They are equipped with all amenities, a private balcony or terrace and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, a separate shower and Acqua di Parma products. The refined intimacy of these spaces treats you to a pleasant and calming break.

They can have separate beds, can be triple and communicating with each other and with the deluxe lateral lake-view rooms.

Room size 30 m²

Average size 22 m², balcony or terrace 8 m².

Deluxe Room Side Lake View

Cosy rooms overlooking the Hotel's park and a large balcony that enjoys a splendid view of the Borromeo Islands, making them intimate and ideal for a refined and unforgettable stay. The large bathroom has a Jacuzzi tub or shower and Acqua di Parma products. They can have separate beds and can be triple and communicating with the superior park-view rooms.

Room size  30 m²

Average size 22 m², balcony 8 m².

Deluxe Villa Lake View room

Located in a welcoming and elegant villa in the Hotel's private park, these elegant rooms are surrounded by greenery and the fragrance of flowers. From the private patio, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Borromeo Gulf and the adjacent parking makes it easy to reach them.  The large bathroom has a Jacuzzi tub and Acqua di Parma products. They can have separate beds, can be triple and communicating with each other.

Room size  38 m²

Average size 24 m², patio 14 m².


  • Wardrobe/cloakroom
  • Telephone wake-up service
  • Lake view
  • Bidet
  • Availability of communicating rooms
  • Carpet or wood flooring
  • Soundproofing
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Hypoallergenic solutions
  • Sofa
  • Patio
  • Alarm clock
  • Satellite channels
  • Hairdryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Minibar with free water, soft drinks and beer
  • Telephone
  • Safe
  • Bathrobe
  • WC
  • Slippers
  • Heating
  • Desk
  • Spa bath
  • DVD player
  • Acqua di Parma bath products
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Pillow menu
  • Free daily bottle of water
  • Real goose down quilts

Food & wine

The Chef at our Villa stays in the kitchen until the early hours of the morning, preparing and creating increasingly new and exciting menus.

Let yourself be carried away by aromas and flavours on an exciting journey of discovery into the regional and traditional cuisine of Lake Maggiore. You will climb to the highest heights of Italian cuisine and savour splendid, lively and elegant dishes.

The two restaurants at our Villa are refined temples dedicated to healthy eating and to the careful study of raw materials and their use.

Ceremonies & Events

As a precious jewellery box full of sumptuous jewels, our Villa is the ideal place for letting your deepest dreams come true.

Our Villa offers its guests the ideal stage on which they can enact their most stimulating desires. A breathtaking location, punctual and meticulous service and the most refined quality at all times are the efficient tools of the trade with which our Villa and all of its staff bring your most exclusive dreams to life.

Beauty & Spa

Harmony and regeneration:

The expert touch, allowing you to tune your body, a diet studied to enhance tastes and flavours, the unconditional pleasure of being charmed by luxury, sun, water and the majesty of art and nature.

These are the essential elements of our philosophy: the careful search for balance in everyday life: a sequence of mind, reason and action, counterbalanced by our skilful process of regeneration of physicality and of the senses.

We searched for an idea of physical well-being for you, an offer to satisfy, in a visceral and primordial way, the need for pleasure that nature awakens within us.

This offer of elemental, carnal and natural pleasure is shown in the yellow heat of the sun, in the spring breeze, in the water in the pool, in the gentle shore of the lake and in our Hotel's shady park.

“Yin”, the delicate elegance of the La Grotta Spa, and “Yang”, the passionate power of the affectionate sun and of Lake Maggiore.

Our wellness treatment is based on energy rebalancing through massages, baths, a combination of movement and energy, unconditional relaxation and nutrition.

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