This is a historic hotel with long traditions and culture: for sale

This is a historic hotel with long traditions and culture

Østby, Trysil, Norway


795 000 EUR

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
Agent Office Number: +27 (0) 21 554 0283
Agent Email Address:
Type: Boutique Hotel
Bedrooms: 19
Bathrooms: 19
Showers: 19
Parking: 20
Yield: Not Disclosed
TGCSA Rating: 3 Star

Østby, Norway

Østby is a village in Trysil municipality, Innlandet county, Norway. Its population in 2003 was 205.

In Østby, there are several churches, a community house, a supermarket, a school and a hotel. The hotel is also known as a training location for cross country events. In the surroundings of Østby are several cross country tracks of which some are illuminated. Every year takes the Trysil Skimaraton (42195) place in Østby. The starting point of the Skimaraton is the Kjølen Hotell, but since 2004 it is not considered an urban settlement by Statistics Norway, and its data is therefore not registered.

Trysil, Norway

Trysil is a municipality in Innlandet countyNorway. It is part of the traditional region of Østerdalen. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Innbygda. The municipality of Trysil was established on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt).

Bathing Places in Trysil

The sun is shining from a cloudless sky and the thermometer shows well over thirty degrees. the sweat flows, and you wonder where the best opportunities for a cooling bath and a few hours on the beach are.

Folkestien in Østby

A Folkesti is an easily accesible hike for people of all ages. Hikers can choose from four different paths. The whole path is marked.

Folkestien in Østby is located 750 meters from the hotel.


Trysil offers varied cycling for everyone. Speed-junkies who like to feel the wind in their faces should hop on the lift with their bike and whizz down the Magic Moose trail. All-mountain fans should choose the trails in Gullia or Fjellrunden.

Right outside the hotel, you will find a marked biking trail.

Hiking and Walking

In Trysil, you can hike along marked trails, go on a guided trip or take an exciting mountain hike to one of the peaks in the Top 10 Trysil. Trysil offers varied mountain scenery, with trails for the whole family. With a touch of luck, you may come across elk, roe deer, grouse and other wildlife along the way.

There are a lot of mountain tours only a few kilometers from the hotel. Here you can reach mountain peaks or admire stunning landscapes. Some of the tours have a starting point a few minutes drive from the hotel and others have a starting point on a few kilometers away.

Cross-Country Skiing

If you want to stay around our hotel, you’ll find great cross-country ski trails around Østby. The cross-country trails in Østby can be combined to short and long round trips. There are many possibilities. A lit ski trail starts just 750 metres from our hotel.

Keep an eye on when the trails were last groomed! Thanks to a GPS transmitter mounted on the grooming machine, you can sit in the warmth and follow the groomers around the track. 

Sleigh Rides in Trysil

The sound of bells and the light from the flares follow you on the atmospheric trip. Feel the peace descend when the horse and sleigh curve into the winter-clad forest.

All you need do is to take in the fresh air while you sit in the sled under warm reindeer skins.

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is exciting, adventure and a great experience! In Trysil, you can control your own sled through genuine mountain terrain. 40 minutes, half-day or full-day.

Trysil Ski Shop is Trysil’s lowest-priced ski rental. Trysil Ski Shop is situated next to the Trysil Shell petrol station, 2 km south of Trysil town centre. During the summer months, it is possible to rent bikes.

Ski Rental

Trysil Ski Shop is Trysil’s lowest-priced ski rental. Trysil Ski Shop is situated next to the Trysil Shell petrol station, 2 km south of Trysil town centre. During the summer months, it is possible to rent bikes.

Trysil - Norway's Largest Ski Resort

The country’s biggest ski destination with more than 30 lifts and 70 kilometres of runs that connect three sides of the Trysilfjellet mountain into a varied alpine facility. Trysil has a good ski school and is popular with families.


Stöten is located in Sälen, one of the biggest ski areas in Sweden. The Sälen ski resort includes the ski areas of Kläppen, Lindvallen, Høgfjället, Tandådalen, Hundfjället and Stöten. Sälen has a total of 110 ski lifts and 127 runs, of which 20 lifts and 30 pistes are in Stöten. Stöten has the biggest drop in Sälen, 370 m, and offers excellent skiing both for beginners and advanced skiers.

Fulufjellet Ski Resort

Fulufjellet is an intimate and family-friendly ski resort, in the heart of the Trysil region. Fulufjellet has 2 ski lifts, 9 runs for all skill levels, and a drop of 230 m. One of the runs has been reserved for off-piste skiing and is not groomed. The ski resort is located on the sunny, western slopes below the Fulufjell plateau. Fulufjellet also has a terrain park and excellent conditions for Nordic skiing. At Fulufjellet you also find one of Norway's longest sled runs, which has a designated lift carrying you to the top, where you can ride down 1600 meters in speeds up to 70 kmph.

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Key features

Sitting amongst miles of cross-country trails we are ideally placed between Sweden and Norway’s great winter sports resorts. Enjoy alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and dog sledding during winter; and come back in the summer for biking, hiking, golf, rafting, and horseback riding.

About Us

This charming boutique hotel is situated near the largest skiing area of Norway (Trysilfjellet), but also a short distance of Swedish skiing areas as Stöten and Sälen. Lots of winter activities are possible, like downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, snowmobile safaris and ice fishing. Cross-country tracks start right outside the hotel doors. Beautifully situated at the countryside.

In summertime the hotel welcomes guests doing organised round trips, hiking- or biking tours, fishing trips and of course regular summer tourism. Biking arena at 18 km, 18-holes green also at 18 km. 

The hotel and restaurant are open year-round. 

Maintenance of inside/outside building is executed by schedule and the building is well maintained, approved yearly by all officials (food authorities, fire department, etc.) 

Through the years a lot of investments have been made; last years in inventory (beds, bathrooms, kitchen equipment, etc.), all new roofs and a brand new digital television system including new flat-screen TVs on all rooms. Also, replacement of double-glazed gas-filled windows has been done (started in 2018, ends in 2022) and new flooring on rooms, hallways and restaurant bar during Spring 2019. 

The building counts 3 stories (basement, ground floor and first floor) and a loft where the air treatment installation is placed. A part of the loft is suitable in case more rooms have to be generated.

Basement heating room, technical room, waxing- and ski storage room, several storage rooms. 

Ground floor 2 twin rooms, reception desk, lounge\/bar\/restaurant, very large and well-equipped kitchen with walk-in cooling and walk-in freezer, 2 apartments (private).

First-floor linen room, 13 twin\/double rooms and 4 single rooms. In the past several twin rooms were used as quadruple rooms; several rooms can be changed in configuration and use.

There are 2 medium-sized private apartments, which can be used for private use, but also can be rented for short or long term. Both apartments feature a living, a sleeping room and a bathroom. One of the apartments has its own kitchen. The other apartment has a room which is in use as an office.

This object is ready for the future (growth) for more business exploitation, but also very convenient for families who want to migrate to another country (starter).

The price for the hotel (1.300 sqm, 3 stories), plot (2.900 sqm), business inventory, business name, webpage and goodwill is NOK 8.195.000, which meets approximately € 795.000 (04-08-2021). In case external funding is needed, know that Norwegian banks require approximately 40% private money (appr. € 365.000) based on property value.



December 2019 airport Scandinavian Mountains (Trysil/Sälen, situated in Sweden), located at approximately 20 minutes' driving distance, has been opened.

This airport will be open for flights from several parts of Europe, such as the UK, Germany (Belgium and the Netherlands later). Growth of the number of visitors in the area of 100.000 per year is expected. Being the first hotel on Norwegian soil crossing the border and located in between several skiing areas, a huge growth can be expected.

In case an interested person/company might need finance on this project Norwegian banks require approximately 40% own money

The hotel has 19 comfortable rooms and offers a contemporary restaurant and a cozy hotel bar. Great food and drinks in a casual atmosphere.


Twin Rooms

Spacious room with two separate beds    

In our twin room, you will have everything you need for a comfortable stay and a good night’s sleep. Enjoy the beds, flatscreen TV, and free Wi-Fi. Other services include free bathroom amenities and a hairdryer.

Double Room

In our double room, you will have everything you need for a comfortable stay and a good night’s sleep. Enjoy the large bed, in-room coffee and tea facilities, and free Wi-Fi. Other services include free bathroom amenities and a hairdryer.

With the king-sized bed, we guarantee an exceptional level of comfort.

Single Room

Start the day with our breakfast buffet while staying connected with your loved ones using our free Wi-Fi. Other services include free bathroom amenities and a hairdryer, so you can look your best without having to travel with heavy luggage.

Triple Room

We recommend this room when traveling with friends or family for optimal space and convenience. Enjoy the beds, flatscreen TV, and free Wi-Fi. Other services include free bathroom amenities and a hairdryer.

Lunch and Dinner

After a great day outside, you can enjoy a delicious dinner inspired by local and international food traditions.


Our newly decorated bar offers a cosy and warm atmosphere in calm surroundings. Have a coffee break in the sun or enjoy a casual drink in our bar.



Our breakfast buffet features a wide range of tasty, healthy and organic produce. Breakfast is always included in your room rate.

Room service

Some days it is lovely to relax in the hotel room and have some time for yourself. Then you can easily order tempting dishes and some good drinks from our room menu.


Don’t worry about parking when you stay with us. Parking is free for all our guests. Long-term parking is subject to a fee that you can pay at the reception.

Ski storage and wax room

After a long day skiing, store your skis in the basement of the hotel. You can also wax your skis here. 

KH 4449
KH 0339
KH 1778
KH 2990
KH 0863
KH 5130
KH 5324
KH 9354
KH 8623
kH 8629
KH 9464
KH 9470
KH 9483
KH 4304
KH 2342
KH 2347
KH 2373
KH 2426
KH 2435
KH 2439
KH 2459
KH 2482
KH 6047
KH 6055
KH 6060
KH 4434
KH 4440
KH 4448
KH 4451
KH 4453
KH 8346
KH 8355
KH 8431
KH 6488
KH 6501
KH 6504
KH 6780
KH double room trysil 1
KH double room trysil 3
KH free parking
KH room with bathroom
KH single room trysil 1
KH single room trysil 2
KH single room trysil 4
KH triple room trysil 1
KH triple room trysil 2
KH triple room trysil 3
KH twin room trysil 1
KH twin room trysil 2
KH twin room trysil 4
KH fulufjellet 1
KH fulufjellet 2
KH fulufjellet 3
KH hundeslede 2
KH hundeslede 3
KH hundeslede 4
KH kanefart 1
KH kanefart 2
KH kanefart 3
KH langrenn ostby trsyil 2
KH double room trysil 3
KH langrenn ostby trsyil 4
KH skileie 1
KH skileie 2
KH skileie 3

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