Palawan's Premier Resort. The Philippines is fast becoming the prime location in Asia for tourism due to the pristine white sandy beaches: for sale

Palawan's Premier Resort. The Philippines is fast becoming the prime location in Asia for tourism due to the pristine white sandy beaches

Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines


11 500 000 USD

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
Agent Office Number: +27 (0) 21 554 0283
Agent Email Address:
Type: Beach Resort
Bedrooms: 14
Bathrooms: 14
Showers: 14
Parking: 0
Yield: Not Disclosed

Port Barton

Port Barton is a small fishing village located on a bay in the municipality of San Vicente in the Northern part of Palawan. It is still relatively unknown to tourists. The main beach, with its calm waters and a long stretch of sand, is surrounded by pristine rainforest. You’ll like Port Barton’s simplicity and its people’s hospitality so much, that you’ll never want to leave.

Quick Facts 

  • With an area of 923.26 km2 (356.47 sq mi) Port Barton is a small village in the municipality of San Vicente, located in the north-western side of the main island of Palawan.
  • The wet season is from June to October.
  • The dry season, from November until May.
  • The recently opened airport in San Vicente town is the closest airport to Port Barton.
  • The easiest way to reach Port Barton from San Vicente town is by boat.
  • There are daily shuttle vans that run from El Nido to Port Barton and from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton.
  • There are no banks and no ATMs in Port Barton. Bring a sufficient amount of cash with you. Credit cards are rarely accepted. 
  • Internet access is limited and very slow.
  • There is no electricity in Port Barton, except from 5:30 PM till midnight.
  • Top tourists attractions in Port Barton are: Exotic Island and German IslandThe average length of stay in Port Barton is 3 days.
If you want to spend your holiday in Port Barton, here are some of our favourite places, not to be missed during your stay: 
  • German Island: Crystal clear water, white sand beach, and a good snorkeling site a few meters from the island
  • Exotic Island: one of the most beautiful island in Port Barton composed of two islands separated by a narrow channel with shallow waters
  • Papuwyan Waterfall: this lovely falls with a gorgeous scenery are locate about one hour walk from the town
  • Paradise Island: a tiny island food for snorkeling and chill on the sun. It’s not very popular so you can have the entire island almost for yourself
When to go:
The best time to travel to Port Barton is between December and early May. This is also the tourist’s peak season when hotels tend to be fully booked. The rainy season starts in June and lasts till October. August is the wettest month.

Port Barton is not on the typhoon path.

San Vicente

San Vicente, officially the Municipality of San Vicente, is a 1st class municipality in the province of PalawanPhilippines. According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 33,507 people. 

It is located on the north-western side of the main island of Palawan and is 186 kilometres (116 mi) from Puerto Princesa City. It occupies a total land area of 146,294 hectares (361,500 acres).

San Vicente's 14.7 kilometres (9.1 mi) of beachfront, popularly called the Long Beach, is being converted into an emerging tourist destination that will be the beneficiary of government spending on infrastructure. The Long Beach has two (2) rocky cliffs interrupting the continuous expanse of approximately 14.7 kilometers of sugary white sand beach dividing it into three (3) coves. It is the longest white sand beach in the Philippines and is the flagship of the Municipality. The Long Beach spans to the coastline of four barangays namely Poblacion, New Agutaya, San Isidro and Alimanguan.


In 1952, migrants from Manamoc, an island of the Cuyo Archipelago, arrived in a place called Malagnang (muddy/ maputik) a sitio of Kemdeng, formerly part of Puerto Princesa. The first to arrive were the Dandal brothers (Anastacio, Ricardo, and Lauro), Alberto Radam, and Marcelino Gadiano with their families. After sometime their relatives followed forming a small community which gave rise to the election of Anastascio Dandal as the first Barrio Lieutenant.

The small ethnic group of Agutaynon and Cuyunon increased in number and with the increase disputes emerged particularly in the choice of the town's Patron Saint. The Cuyunon wanted Saint Vincent Ferrer while the choice of Agutaynon was Saint Isidro Labrador. The group decided to resolve the issue by drawing a lot. The name of Saint Vincent Ferrer was drawn thus the name Malagnang was changed to San Vicente.

The Municipality of San Vicente was created on June 21, 1969, by virtue of Republic Act 5821. It officially functioned as a distinct municipality on January 2, 1972.

The present Municipality was created out of several barrios from the Municipalities of Taytay and Puerto Princesa (now a highly urbanized city). The barrio of New Agutaya up to the northernmost barrio of Binga used to be part of Taytay while the barrio of San Vicente (Poblacion) down to the southernmost barrio of Caruray were part of Puerto Princesa. The barrio of San Vicente used to be a sitio named Malagnang until it was upgraded into a barrio and renamed by law in 1959.


San Vicente is nestled in the northwest of Palawan's mainland, bounded by the Philippine West Sea in the West, the municipality of Taytay in the north, Roxas in the East and City of Puerto Princesa in the Southwest. With a forest area of 82,080.09 hectares and 22 identified islands and islets within its municipal boundaries. San Vicente is located in the north-western side of the main island of Palawan and is 186 kilometers from Puerto Princesa City. It occupies a total land area of 165,797.6525 hectares.


San Vicente is politically subdivided into 10 barangays.

  • Alimanguan
  • Binga
  • Caruray
  • New Villa Fria (Kemdeng)
  • New Agutaya
  • New Canipo
  • Port Barton
  • Poblacion (San Vicente)
  • San Isidro
  • Santo Niño


In the 2020 census, the population of San Vicente, Palawan, was 33,507 people,  with a density of 23 inhabitants per square kilometre or 60 inhabitants per square mile.

In the 2010 NSO Census, San Vicente had a total population of 30,919 at a growth rate of 6%. The population increased by 3,500 from 27,065 in 2008 based on CBMS survey within a 2-year gap. The total number of households was 6,460 with an average household size of 5 members.


Fishing and farming are the major economic activities in San Vicente wherein 29.50% and 25.77% respectively are engaged in it. Rice and coconut are the major agricultural crops and fish products are adequate in the municipality.

San Vicente is predominantly fishing and a farming municipality and now gaining recognition as a center of interest for Tourism. San Vicente can offer a diverse range of attractions for adventure and nature enthusiasts. Roads and other infrastructure support facilities are now on its implementation process through the help of the National Government.

As San Vicente Palawan slowly emerges to become one of the tourism hot spots in the Philippines, the real industry sector becomes dramatically stronger. Many landowners who have more than tens of thousand-hectare properties have earned millions of pesos on selling their lots to investors. Beachfront properties sell like pancakes in the real estate market.

Many millionaires have ventured into land banking in San Vicente Palawan with its robust potential, earning exponentially from re-selling their acquired properties. Historically, rice field properties were sold at P300,000 per hectare in 2014. Three years later, a hectare big usually costs P3,000,000, with another increase after the San Vicente Airport started servicing small commercial planes.


The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. It is situated in the western Pacific Ocean and consists of about 7,640 islands, that are broadly categorized under three main geographical divisions from north to south: LuzonVisayas, and Mindanao. The Philippines is bounded by the South China Sea to the west, the Philippine Sea to the east, and the Celebes Sea to the southwest, and shares maritime borders with Taiwan to the north, Japan to the northeast, Palau to the east and southeast, Indonesia to the south, Malaysia and Brunei to the southwest, Vietnam to the west, and China to the northwest. The Philippines covers an area of 300,000 km2 (120,000 sq mi) and, as of 2020, had a population of around 109 million people, making it the world's twelfth most populous country. The Philippines is a multinational state, with diverse ethnicities and cultures throughout its islands. Manila is the nation's capital, while the largest city is Quezon City, both lying within the urban area of Metro Manila.

Negritos, some of the archipelago's earliest inhabitants, were followed by successive waves of Austronesian peoples. Adoption of AnimismHinduism and Islam established island-kingdoms called KedatuansRajahnates and Sultanates. The arrival of Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer leading a fleet for Spain, marked the beginning of Spanish colonization. In 1543, Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos named the archipelago Las Islas Filipinas in honor of Philip II of Spain. Spanish settlement through Mexico, beginning in 1565, led to the Philippines becoming part of the Spanish Empire for more than 300 years. During this time, Catholicism became the dominant religion, and Manila became the western hub of trans-Pacific trade. In 1896, the Philippine Revolution began, which then became entwined with the 1898 Spanish–American War. Spain ceded the territory to the United States, while Filipino rebels declared the First Philippine Republic. The ensuing Philippine–American War ended with the United States establishing control over the territory, which they maintained until the Japanese invasion of the islands during World War II. Following liberation, the Philippines became independent in 1946. Since then, the unitary sovereign state has often had a tumultuous experience with democracy, which included the overthrow of a dictatorship by the People Power Revolution.

It is considered to be an emerging market and a newly industrialized country, which has an economy transitioning from being based on agriculture to being based more on services and manufacturing. The Philippines is a founding member of the United NationsWorld Trade OrganizationAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, and the East Asia Summit. The Philippines' position as an island country on the Pacific Ring of Fire and close to the equator makes the country prone to earthquakes and typhoons. The country has a variety of natural resources and a globally significant level of biodiversity. This low-lying island geography makes the country vulnerable to climate change, increasing risk from typhoons and sea-level rise.

The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis affected the economy, resulting in a lingering decline of the value of the peso and falls in the stock market. The extent it was affected initially was not as severe as that of some of its Asian neighbors. This was largely due to the fiscal conservatism of the government, partly as a result of decades of monitoring and fiscal supervision from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in comparison to the massive spending of its neighbors on the rapid acceleration of economic growth. There have been signs of progress since. In 2004, the economy experienced 6.4% GDP growth and 7.1% in 2007, its fastest pace of growth in three decades. Average annual GDP growth per capita for the period 1966–2007 still stands at 1.45% in comparison to an average of 5.96% for the East Asia and the Pacific region as a whole. The daily income for 45% of the population of the Philippines remains less than $2.

Remittances from overseas Filipinos contribute significantly to the Philippine economy. Remittances peaked in 2006 at 10.4% of the national GDP, and were 8.6% and 8.5% in 2012 and in 2014 respectively. In 2014 the total worth of foreign exchange remittances was US$28 billion. Regional development is uneven, with Luzon – Metro Manila in particular – gaining most of the new economic growth at the expense of the other regions. Service industries such as tourism and business process outsourcing have been identified as areas with some of the best opportunities for growth for the country. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is composed of eight sub-sectors, namely, knowledge process outsourcing and back offices, animation, call centers, software development, game development, engineering design, and medical transcription. In 2010, the Philippines was reported as having eclipsed India as the main center of BPO services in the world.

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Key features

Description by the Owner

Hotel/Resort for sale in San Vicente, Palawan

DIRECT SELLER - Price reduced to $11,500,000 (Price $9.75 sq.m/ 493 Php sq.m).

4 White sandy beaches set in 2 coves with a 4.1 kilometres private coastline, lined with coconut trees in 118 hectares. There is a hidden waterfall and an interrupted view of the sun setting over turquoise waters teeming with fish and the rare sea turtles in our 3 protected coral reefs.  

  • 118 Hectares (1,180,000 sq.m)
  • 2 Private coves
  • 4.1 km Private coastline, lined with coconut trees
  • 4 Private white sand beaches totalling 2400 feet in length. Sunset beach - 1050 feet in length. Turtle beach - 885 feet in length. Sanctuary beach - 320 feet in length. Hideaway beach - 145 feet in length
  • Set in its own private cove accessible via kayak or hiking. Short walk to our waterfalls
  • 28 Hectares - Protection sea permit in front of our 4 beaches continuously since 2008 
  • 3 Coral reefs are located inside our protective bay for great snorkeling and diving 

The resort, which has already established a solid international clientele based over the last 8 years because of its breath-taking location and excellent service which has been conferred with more than a dozen international awards from 2017 to 2019 including the prestigious title for the 2nd year running, "Philippines Leading Resort - 2019" by the Oscars of the Travel Industry "World Travel Awards." 

Located in one of the fastest-growing tourism destinations in the Philippines, San Vicente in Palawan. Set in an exclusive, private part of San Vicente with unspoiled natural wonders. Its airy villas open up to 118 hectares (1,180,000 sq.m) of breath-taking tropical natural beauty. 

Our Resort is approximately 2 hours from Manila direct by private helicopter or seaplane. Alternatively, 1 hour via passenger plane to San Vicente airport, then 10 minutes helicopter transfer or 25 minutes speed boat to the resort. 

Three airports service our guests, Puerto Princesa City International airport, El Nido airport and San Vicente that is being extended for future international flights.

The resort's 118 hectares are within the Certified Tourism Development Zone with the Tourism Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA).

This offer is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of the best locations in the world. All prospective buyers looking for the best location in Asia and who appreciate exclusivity and an excellent investment opportunity for profitability, please contact us directly for a special viewing of the resort or email us with any questions you may have.

We are Direct Sellers with all completed documents.

Please note that we will only entertain "Direct Buyers" or "Licensed Real Estate Brokers" upon presenting a valid PRC I.D.

About us 

Four Beaches in our two Private Coves

Our Resort & Turtle Sanctuary is Palawan’s Premier Eco-friendly resort, set in 2 private coves with a 4.1km coastline, lined with coconut trees and 4 private beaches with their own waterfalls

Set in one of the largest unspoiled secluded coves in Palawan (118 hectares), surrounded on the north, east and south by tropical forest. To the west, open sea where we get 'Breath-taking Sunsets'.

Our Resort is perfectly situated between Port Barton’s Marine Park and Sabang's world-famous 'Puerto Princesa Subterranean Underground River, voted one of the ‘New 7 Wonders of Nature in the World.

Where Luxury Meets Nature

Our Resort & Turtle Sanctuary is an accredited Turtle Sanctuary by the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development and is a partner of WWF-Philippines.

Turtle Bay marine sanctuary is a large 28 hectares which we have been protecting for 12 years. The increase in beautiful corals, tropical fish and sea turtles has been a pleasure to witness. It is a great location for kayaking/snorkelling to see the many turtles and tropical fish in our 2 large house reefs. The far end of our bay opens up another world for divers with deep corals and sightings of manta rays, sea-cow and dolphins, etc.

The endangered Green turtle and Olive Ridley turtles are the most common seen in Turtle Bay. Eggs are laid on our beaches from October to March and hatching is between November to May. All year round turtles swim in our protected "Turtle Bay", looking for their mating partner. 34 turtles laid eggs on our beaches in 2018, with 2021 baby turtles hatched this year.

Our nature reserve is a large 118 hectares where we combine our accommodation and nature as one. Guest can witness seeing the monkeys, hornbills, kingfishers, parrots and an amazing variety of colourful butterflies set in the breathtaking surrounding scenery.

Our Resort & Turtle Sanctuary operates with a vision and mission of protecting endangered sea turtles and our surrounding large nature reserve. Highlights of the resort's success include international awards from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Indonesia, Dubai, Qatar, Philippines and Tripadvisor, making it a truly world-class international award-winning resort.

Accommodation set in 2 Private Coves with a 4.1 km Coastline

Sunset Beach being 1,050 feet long with accommodation includes 1 Executive villa, 5 Premier villas, 4 Superior cottages, 1 Junior suite room and 1 Superior room.

Turtle Beach is for the romantic with only 2 Deluxe cottages, sharing 885 feet of white sandy beach, less than a 5-minute walk to the restaurant on Sunset Beach.

Sanctuary Beach 320 feet and Hideaway Beach 140 feet, with covered seating areas with double swings and hammocks for your total privacy and relaxation.

All accommodation is beachfront with 24-hour power, air-condition, smart tv, hot water shower, hairdryer, kettle, mini bar, desk, safety deposit box, balcony with table/chairs and private sun loungers. The executive villa includes a jacuzzi bathtub. Inclusions: Buffet breakfast, free tea/coffee 24hrs, free use snorkel/ mask & kayaks and free boat transfer on selected times.

1 x Executive Villa (Kemp's Ridley) 

Executive villa named "Kemp's Ridley” after the endangered sea turtle. Located end villa beachfront on Sunset beach. Our largest accommodation at 600 sq. feet.

Bedroom – super king-size bed (6’x 6’6″), split-type air-conditioning, LED 43″ smart tv, double mirrored sliding wardrobes, vanity unit and ceiling fan.

Lounge – leather sofa bed (5′ x 6′) & 2 single beds available. Split type air-conditioning, LED 55″ smart tv with 5.1 surround sound, 2 ceiling fans and minibar.

Whirlpool jacuzzi bathtub. Large balcony with sofa/chairs/table, 2 ceiling fans, private sun loungers & outside shower. Maximum 6 guests in the villa.

5 x Premier Villas 

New Premier villas are located at the beachfront on Sunset beach.

Our largest accommodation at 600 sq feet.

Bedroom – Super king-size bed (6’x 6’6″), split-type air-conditioning, double mirrored sliding wardrobes & vanity unit.

Lounge – leather sofa bed (5′ x 6′) & 2 single beds available. Split type air-conditioning, LED 43″ smart ​tv and minibar.

Large balcony with sofa/chairs/table. Private sun loungers & outside shower. Maximum 6 guests in the villa.

1 x Love Bird-Honeymoon Cottage (Deluxe)

Romantic king size 4 poster bed (5′ x 6’6″) & sofa bed (4′ x 6′). 43" smart LED tv & blackout blinds.

Balcony with double luxury foam hammock, recliner chairs/table and private sun loungers. 380 sq. feet floor area.

Maximum 3 guests.​​

1 x Song Bird-Honeymoon Cottage (Deluxe)

Romantic king size 4 poster bed (5′ x 6’6″). 43" smart LED tv & blackout blinds.

Balcony with hammock, chairs/table and private sun loungers. 300 sq. feet floor area. Maximum 2 guests.

1 x Junior Suite Room

Junior Suite room, which is 20 metres away from our white sandy beach, is on the first floor above the restaurant, with great views overlooking Sunset Beach and Turtle Bay. 480 sq. feet floor area.

Room 1, Super king-size bed (6′ x 6’6″). Air-condition, 48″ LED satellite tv, safety deposit box, blackout blinds, ceiling fan, double wardrobes, kettle, hairdryer, private bathroom with hot water shower.

Room 2, Single pull-out bed and double bunk bed, mini bar, desk, private balcony with table/ chairs and hammock.

Maximum 5 guests.

1 x Jasmine Cottage (Superior)

Super king-size bed (6′ x 6’6″) and a small loft room for child with a single bed (3′ x 6’6″).

Additional pull-out single bed (3′ x 6’6″) is available. LED tv.

Balcony with chairs/table and private sun loungers. 400 sq. feet floor area.​ 

Maximum 4 guests.

3 x Orchid Cottage (Superior)

King size bed (5′ x 6’6″) and a single bed (3′ x 6’6″) with an additional pull out single bed (3′ x 6’6″). LED tv.

Balcony with chairs/table and private sun loungers. 380 sq. feet floor area.

Maximum 4 guests.

1 x Superior.

The superior room is on the 1st floor above our restaurant, with views overlooking Turtle Bay.

King size bed (5′ x 6’6″). Blackout blinds, safety deposit box, ceiling fan, kettle, hairdryer, private bathroom with hot water shower, LED tv & private balcony. 320 sq feet floor area.

Maximum 2 guests. 

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