The magic of Mosaic is holistic dining experienced through all the senses...: for sale

The magic of Mosaic is holistic dining experienced through all the senses...

Elandsfontein, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa


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Type: Boutique Hotel & Restaurant
Bedrooms: 11
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Showers: 11
Parking: 50
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TGCSA Rating: 5 Star

A short drive away from Pretoria, Johannesburg or Lanseria International Airport one will find a lush 166-hectare nature reserve on which stands a Moorish-inspired bushveld jewel. As you enter the impressive gateway leading to the palace-like building, you leave reality behind you and are drawn to a fantasy-like world of Arabian opulence. This is the Orient Hotel, an exclusive and revered 5-star boutique hotel, where uniqueness is valued, respected and celebrated through its architecture, location and decor. 220-year old massive Indian rosewood doors open to a sumptuous entrance hall, with a Moroccan style lounge area and spiral staircases. The 10 exclusive Suites have been designed by blending the most desirable contemporary, Colonial and Moorish décor; from high sloping ceilings, scenic balconies with valley views and carved doors.

Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, on the highest point of the Crocodile River Valley, the available venues present guests and delegates with the ideal space to host a wedding, conference, special get-together or meeting. The venues available: One 20 seater Conference room Two 8-seater Conference rooms 20-Seater Movie Theatre Outdoor 20-seater Palm Court.

Enjoy nature at its best, early morning or late afternoon, by strolling down the walkways or one of the three walking trails on the 200 hectares of Conservation Area within the Francolin Conservancy. Several species of birds inhabit different parts of the Francolin Conservancy. All of the shady trees that surround you are indigenous to this area. There is an abundance of wildlife in Francolin, including Nyala, Zebra, Waterbuck, Impala, Blesbok, Duiker and many more. On the walking trails you will find the most beautiful and rare flowers, medicinal plants, indigenous animals, majestic trees and even quirky insects.

The elegant style of architecture for the Art Museum located on the grounds of the Orient Hotel is highlighted by fountains, geometric designs and decorative emblems with a Moorish influence. The architecture is classically Persian and the building includes the characteristic use of repeating patterns, keyhole-shaped arches, weighty wooden doors adorned with intricate metalwork and courtyards with flourishing gardens. The museum's distinguished fittings and finishes were hand-selected and imported from around the world over a number of years, with a keen eye for small and complex detail carefully contemplated and executed to perfection. The result is a magnificent museum and gallery that appeals to the eye and the senses.

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Having travelled the world, filling several passports in the process, Chantel found her second home in Paris where she fell in love with the Belle Epoque Restaurants such as Le Grand Colbert, Vaganende and La Fermette Marbeuf. When asked how she wanted to decorate Restaurant Mosaic, her choice was easy - in the Art Nouveau style. Renowned South African Impressionist artists and interior decorators were commissioned to step back in time to the romantic early 1900s to create a restaurant that was both romantic and unique. It has an intimate feel with booth-type seats and two private dining rooms.

When the restaurant is open, award-winning chef Chantel Dartnall is always in attendance and always meets the diners to present her menu and answer questions.

The magic of Mosaic

The magic of Mosaic is holistic dining experienced through all the senses - taste, smell, texture, touch, mouth-feel and satiation - leaving you inspired and revitalized. The ancients were eternally searching for the elixir of life, consuming foods supposedly containing the energy of love, protection, sensuality, strength, fertility and prosperity. Chantel taps into these ancient mystic beliefs by making use of fragile herbs and flowers that are more than just garnish. They become the essential ingredients that allow you to emerge yourself in the sustenance of Gaia herself.

The essence of each ingredient is captured in her delicate dishes, poems of nature that fills your soul, releasing neurochemicals that calm and soothe, creating feelings of joy and contentment and assisting in the nourishment of your body on levels far beyond just mere satisfaction. Inspired by the French masters like Michel Bras, Pierre Gagnaire, Alain Passard and Guy Savoy, Chantel creates dishes according to the inspiration she draws from her environment's natural, emotional and subliminal influences. Central to her philosophy is to show the inherent value of the freshness and seasonality of the ingredients, either from the earth or from the sea. She believes that we should seek out to enhance our food, our health, and our lives.

Each composition on her menu is intended to allow for mood enhancement, grounding and stress relief - guests are carried through shifts in emotions and energies without relying on alcohol or caffeine. Layers of harmonious rhythms and melodies manifest in Chantel's botanical creations as she strives to enable nature to speak through her. It is more than foraging, it is about being in tune with the essence of each ingredient as she utilizes herbs and flowers not only to nourish but also to invigorate and enthrall her diners. The preparation, cooking and eating of food become a sanctified act and she makes use of her kitchen to deliberately hone her craft and weave her spells...

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