Rorke's Drift Lodge: for sale

Rorke's Drift Lodge

Dundee, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa


5 900 000 ZAR

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
Agent Office Number: +27 (0) 21 554 0283
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Type: Lodge
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
Parking: 10
Yield: Not Disclosed
TGCSA Rating: 3 Star

Owner, Christine Lamberth says the following:

"136 years ago the mighty British Empire sent an army of hardened men to Africa to establish their superiority in the race of European nations colonising the world. As this weary army marched through the dusty plains of Southern Africa they left behind stories and memories that live on in history. Today many thousands of tourists flock to Rorke’s Drift to come and hear magical storytellers weave the tale of disaster, tragedy and bloodshed such as we could never imagine.

Rorke’s Drift Lodge has a bird’s eye view of the famously infamous battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. The red-coated soldiers of the late 19th Century walked, ran and rode over the earth that now is Rorke’s Drift Lodge. The 305 ha farm now stands as a silent witness to those events of over a Century ago. 

The Lodge lies halfway up the Sinqindi Mountain nestled in a 5 ha lawn where guests can roam in complete safety. The 5km track that leads up to the Lodge affords the owner and their guests privacy and seclusion and the unique placement of the Lodge buildings in the shadow of the mountain adds to this perspective.

The views over the valley are unrivalled in their appeal and the guests who visit Rorke’s Drift Lodge constantly intimate that they find perfect peace while they stay here. 

The new owner of Rorke’s Drift Lodge will have the advantage of:

*              An 11 year old accommodation establishment with a sterling reputation. We have won several accommodation awards over the years.

*              A reputation that money can’t buy - please visit our Trip Advisor site and read what our guests have to say about us.

*              Local staff who have been trained over the years to see what is needed for the comfort of a guest. Being local it means that the staff turnover is not as high as the rest of the industry.

*              Accommodation units that have been tried and tested for comfort. 3 fully equipped self catering units and another twin room for extra guests.

*              305 hectares of pristine bush for our guests to walk on and enjoy the crisp mountain air. Two walks have been demarcated for guests to follow.

*              A stable with 9 horses trained and ridden regularly for our guests to ride on in the early morning or evening. There are Trailrider saddles that afford the guests supreme comfort while riding. Riding hats are supplied so that guests do not have to bring their own.

*              Tractor, trailer, slasher, grass cutters and an assortment of other equipment that a maintenance department would need.

*              Maintenance staff who are more than able to take care of broken equipment, paint walls, trim creepers and keep the gardens in good nick.

*              6 mountain springs that keep the Lodge in water.

*              3 phase electricity connection and fully electrified buildings

*              A fully fitted kitchen to cook meals to order for guests along with a cook who is fully trained to provide South African traditional meals for guests.

*              A website that has a very high Google ranking, appearing on page 1 and sometimes even No 1 in searches for Rorke’s Drift. 

*              An online booking system that ensures that guests do not have to rely on bad infrastructures to communicate with the Lodge.

*              F&B systems that are in place to ensure that no losses are suffered due to bad stock control.

*              Official tourism directional boards - 10 large boards on the public roads to guide guests to the Lodge.

*              An owners accommodation unit within the main lodge building to ensure tight control of staff.

*              Opportunities to expand the accommodation by another 3 units in two buildings that require refurbishment.

*              Satellite TV installations in the 3 accommodation units as well as 2 more in the owners accommodation units.

*              Satellite installation for internet access to ensure that bookings can be easily made and that communication with guests and suppliers is as easy as possible.

A 5 year contract with Vodacom for rent for a cell phone tower that gets paid once a year.

This is a unique opportunity for a couple wanting to make a change and are looking for a small, intimate business to support them.

The present owners are willing to stay on for a short while after transfer has taken place to ensure that there is a seamless transition of the business and that if the new owners need some training this can be taken care of."


Rorke’s Drift, famous, infamous but delightful is an experience not to be missed. Located on the battlefields of kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa this little hamlet has seen some of the most significant moments in South Africa’s history. The Battle of Rorke’s Drift in 1879 was a part of the Anglo-Zulu war that saw the first defeat of the British Forces by an imposing Zulu Impi in the morning at Isandlwana and a complete turnaround in the evening of the same day at Rorke’s Drift. Also during this time the French Prince Imperial died in a skirmish and ended the Bonaparte dynasty. Today it is marked by a single cenotaph in a lonely field. At Fugitive’s Drift is another lone cenotaph raised to the honour of two men whose sole purpose was to preserve the Queen’s Colours and whose bravery was acknowledged by the award of a Victoria Cross. A stone’s throw away and a few years later the Anglo Boer War raged with many Boer battles being won and lost. Amongst them was the Battle of Talana, the Battle of Elandslaagte and the Battle of Spionkop. Boer history is cemented in the Battle of Blood River and the site of this Boer Zulu conflict lies only kilometres from Rorke’s Drift. In more modern times the site of Rorke’s Drift has become the home to the ELC Art and Craft Centre where during the deep, dark days of apartheid black art students came to study and the legacy now is a carpet weaving factory, pottery and printing works where the emphasis is on ART. Intersperse this with the rolling plains of Africa where the Paperbark tree, animals and birds abound and the Southern Cross and Milky Way shine down and you have the recipe for an experience that will live with you forever. For a superior travel experience and accommodation you simply must visit Rorke’s Drift and Rorke’s Drift Lodge.

Each of our units has been tastefully furnished with discerning guests in mind. The comfortable beds are dressed in percale linen and each bed has an electric blanket for the chilly nights. Lots of pillows and a throw on each bed completes the picture. The very spacious bathrooms are tiled and the guest amenities include soap, shampoo, hand/body lotion and shower caps. We have also included a shoe cleaning kit for the muddy days. Our snag proof towels are large and fluffy and are changed on demand. To complete the comfort, we have hairdryers and trays with tea and coffee in each room. Our essentials include sufficient cupboard space for clothing and there is a safe in each room. Ceiling fans have been installed for the warmer days and we have also dressed the floors with carpets made by local weavers at the ELC Art and Craft Centre in Rorke’s Drift.

Kubili (number two in Zulu) Originally a water reservoir for cooling the power plant in the good old days. It now has a wonderful wooden deck that is practically nestled in the branches of a gigantic indigenous fig tree and many a guest has been surprised by the Spotted Eagle Owl that sometimes hangs about in its branches at night. Added to this is a very comfortable lounge-cum-diningroom-cum-kitchenette that has been stocked with all the bells and whistles needed for a self-catering stay. The lounge area has DSTV (cable TV) as well as a DVD player. There is a sleeper couch in the lounge suitable for a third person to join the party or perhaps two older children who do not mind sleeping in a double bed. However, as the lounge is separate from the bedroom section of the unit it is not suitable for small children. The bedroom is located on a different level from the lounge and is the only room with a double bed. A spiral staircase takes you down onto the lower level where the bathroom, reminiscent of Roman Bathhouse proportions, can be found.

The bathroom has a huge shower with a tiled seat that affords guests some added comfort. As there are two staircases in this unit it is not advised that guests with limited mobility book this unit. However, the stupendous views over the plains of Zululand and the privacy of its location will ensure that the guest will thoroughly enjoy their stay.

Kuhlanu (number five in Zulu) Houses a twin bedded room of spacious proportions, an inviting lounge that has a sleeper couch that sneakily folds out into a very comfortable double bed and a magnificently spacious bathroom that has two picture windows that frame the view in the distance perfectly, and, as with the rest of the Lodge, we have ensured that the shower affords the guest a very comfortable bathing experience. The lounge also has a diningroom-cum-kitchenette that is fully equipped for our guests to cater for themselves, should they so wish.To top off the experience, there is a small private deck area for the guest to take in the view and savour the African experience. Added to this, located right next to the unit is a “braai” area where the self catering guest can whip up a feast or should the guest be ordering their food from our kitchens, the views of Zululand can be savoured while quaffing their sundowners in the great outdoors. Should the guest have small children who need to sleep nearby then this unit is the most suitable choice.

Kutatu, (number three in Zulu) Cannot be booked on its own and can only booked in conjunction with either Kubili or Kuhlanu. The room is located next to the reception area and is a twin bedded room that has a view of our gardens. The spacious en-suite bathroom has a shower. This room is suitable for additional adult guests to make up a party or for children who are happy sleeping in a different room from their parents. We consider this our overflow room. 

In an effort to fully explore our Mantra of EAT WELL, SLEEP WELL, we subscribe to and drive the concept of the word GUEST.  The Oxford Dictionary offers us the explanation of Guest as being someone invited to visit.  In keeping with this invitation, we have developed our facilities at the Lodge so that our visitors will truly feel that they were invited. With this in mind, guests at Rorke’s Drift Lodge will find their self contained unit designed with seclusion and privacy in mind. Each unit has its own lounge-cum-diningroom-cum-kitchenette tastefully furnished along with a very comfortable bedroom and en-suite bathroom. Alongside the unit is a “braai” area where guests are able to enjoy the unending vistas while having their sundowners around an outdoor firepit or preparing their own feast. Each unit has a Personal Lodge Assistant who is on call for the duration of the guest’s stay and she will service and restock the unit twice a day.

In the kitchens of the Lodge we brew up tasty treats on a daily basis. Cuisine with a South African flavour is our speciality.  Our delicious breakfasts accompanied by homemade breads and we also pack delicious picnic lunches for guests on tour. Guests have the choice of catering for themselves or ordering meals from the kitchens. All meals are served to the guest in their own unit.

Rorke’s Drift Lodge is located in a very secluded spot in kwaZulu-Natal and as such, access to the Lodge is along a farm track of 5kms after a drive of 21kms on dirt road. This seclusion allows our guests the freedom to enjoy our little bit of Africa in safety, where the vistas can be absorbed and the soul can find peace. We therefore advise guests who are travelling in hired vehicles to keep this in mind.

The very spacious grounds of Rorke’s Drift Lodge allow our guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy their African adventure. In order that guests can be entertained for the least effort on their part, we have put together some exciting activities which can be viewed on the What you can do page. Many of our guests have left here feeling that they came as a visitor and left as a friend. We INVITE YOU to become part of our Rorke’s Drift Lodge family and look forward to meeting you. 

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Key features


Tea and coffee making facilities in each room. Ceiling Fans, Heaters and electric blankets. Percale Linen on beds.


Views and tranquility are paramount at Rorke's Drift Lodge. The Deck is ideal for spending days just relaxing and enjoying the ambience. Free safe undercover parking. Horseriding. Battlefield Tours. Lots of places to walk and hike.


Rorke's Drift Battlefield, Isandlwana Battlefield, Battle of Blood River Monument, Ncome Museum, Prince Imperial Monument, Mangeni Falls, Buffalo River.

Area Information

Rorke's Drift is in a remote, very picturesque area. Access is along a 21km stretch of dirt road and the access road to the Lodge is a 5km farm track. It is advisable to travel during the day due to the remoteness of the area. There are no street lights and signage is not well illuminated at night.

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