The hotel offers rooms in Bündnerholz decor, right next to the famous Parsennbahn in Davos Dorf: for sale

The hotel offers rooms in Bündnerholz decor, right next to the famous Parsennbahn in Davos Dorf

Davos, Graubünden, Switzerland


16 000 000 CHF

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
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Type: Hotel Resort
Bedrooms: 44
Bathrooms: 44
Showers: 44
Parking: 40
Yield: Not Disclosed
TGCSA Rating: 4 Star


Davos is an Alpine resort town and a municipality in the Prättigau/Davos Region in the canton of GraubündenSwitzerland. It has a permanent population of 10,832 (2020). Davos is located on the river Landwasser, in the Rhaetian Alps, between the Plessur and Albula Ranges.

The municipality covers nearly the entire valley of the Landwasser, and the centre of population, economic activity, and administration is two adjacent villages: Davos Dorf (GermanDavos Village) and Davos Platz (Davos Place), at 1,560 m (5,120 ft) above sea level.

Gaining prominence in the 19th century as a mountain health resort, Davos is perhaps best known today for hosting the World Economic Forum—often referred to simply as "Davos"—an annual meeting of global political and corporate leaders. With a long history of winter sport, Davos also has one of Switzerland's largest ski resorts, and hosts the international Spengler Cup ice hockey tournament each December.


The current settlement of the Davos area began in the High Middle Ages with the immigration of Rhaeto-Romans. The village of Davos is first mentioned in 1213 as Tavaus. From about 1280 the barons of Vaz allowed German-speaking Walser colonists to settle, and conceded them extensive self-administration rights, causing Davos to become the largest Walser settlement area in eastern Switzerland. Natives still speak a dialect that is atypical for Graubünden, showing similarities with German idioms of western parts of Switzerland, especially the Upper Valais.

In 1436, the League of the Ten Jurisdictions was founded in Davos.

From the middle of the 19th century, Davos modeled on Sokołowsko became a popular destination for the sick and ailing because the microclimate in the high valley was deemed excellent by doctors (initiated by Alexander Spengler and recommended for lung disease patients. Robert Louis Stevenson, who suffered from tuberculosis, wintered in Davos in 1880 upon the recommendation of his Edinburgh physician Dr. George Balfour. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote an article about skiing in Davos in 1899. A sanatorium in Davos is also the inspiration for the Berghof Sanitorium in Thomas Mann's novel Der Zauberberg (The Magic Mountain). Between 1936 and 1938, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, then at the end of his life and living in Davos since 1917, depicted Davos and the Junkerboden. His painting has a both Romantic and pantheistic atmosphere and simplified formal structure.

During the natural ice era of winter sports, Davos and the Davos Eisstadion were a mecca for speed skating. Many international championships were held here, and many world records were set, beginning with Peder Østlund who set four records in 1898. The only European Bandy Championship was held in the town in 1913. Subsequently, Davos became a ski resort, especially frequented by tourists from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. After peaking in the 1970s and 1980s, the city settled down as a leading but less high-profile tourist attraction. The American Van Leer family immigrated from here with their former Valär surname. Today Valärs still live and are members of government.



The main village of Davos lies at the top of the narrow valley of the Landwasser at an altitude of 1,560 metres (5,120 ft), just below the Wolfgang PassLake Davos is northeast of the village, formerly the source of the Landwasser.

The municipality of Davos (GermanGemeinde Davos) has an area (as of the 2004/09 survey) of 284 km2 (109.65 sq mi), including most of the Landwasser valley and its side valleys.

Of this area, about 35.0% is used for agricultural purposes, while 22.2% is forested. Of the rest of the land, 2.3% is settled (buildings or roads) and 40.5% is unproductive land. In the 2004/09 survey a total of 337 ha (830 acres) or about 1.2% of the total area was covered with buildings, an increase of 61 ha (150 acres) over the 1985 amount. Over the same time period, the amount of recreational space in the municipality increased by 10 ha (25 acres) and is now about 0.22% of the total area. Of the agricultural land, 1,296 ha (3,200 acres) is fields and grasslands and 9,056 ha (22,380 acres) consists of alpine grazing areas. Since 1985 the amount of agricultural land has decreased by 736 ha (1,820 acres). Over the same time period the amount of forested land has increased by 481 ha (1,190 acres). Rivers and lakes cover 285 ha (700 acres) in the municipality.

The Wolfgang Pass divides the waters flowing into the Landquart from the valley of the Landwasser, and has a year-round road and Rhaetian Railway connection. Crossing the pass leads to the village of Klosters and the Prättigau. Three long side valleys reach out to the south from the main valley of the Landwasser, one of which leads to the Flüela Pass and the Engadin beyond.

Political divisions

The municipality of Davos is divided completely into six Fraktionsgemeinden: Davos Dorf, Davos Platz, Davos Frauenkirch, Davos Glaris, Davos Monstein, and Davos Wiesen. The names of the Fraktionsgemeinden correspond to their largest village within.

Smaller populated places in the municipality are: the village of Davos Clavadel, the hamlets of Laret, Wolfgang, Obem See, Meierhof, Stilli, Bünda, and Spina (in the main Landwasser valley), and Tschuggen, Dörfji, In den Büelen, Hof, Teufi, Gadmen, Am Rin, Dürrboden, Sertig Dörfli, Oberalp, Inneralp (in the side valleys).

Until 2017 the municipality was located in the Davos subdistrict of the Prättigau/Davos district; after 2017 it is part of the Prättigau/Davos Region. In terms of area, it was the largest municipality in Switzerland in 2009 after a municipal merger with Wiesen. Davos lost this distinction after the formation of Glarus Süd in 2010, and today is the 4th largest in the canton of Graubünden.


Davos has a subarctic climate (Köppen Dfc) with an average of 124.7 days of precipitation per year and on average receives 1,022 mm (40.2 in) of precipitation.

The wettest month is August during which time Davos receives an average of 148 mm (5.8 in) of precipitation. During this month there is precipitation for an average of 13.5 days. The month with the most days of precipitation is June, with an average of 13.6, but with only 126 mm (5.0 in) of precipitation. The driest month of the year is April with an average of 56 mm (2.2 in) of precipitation over 9.6 days, of which 50.9 cm (20.0 in) in 8.5 days are snowfall.

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Key features

About Us

The hotel, originally named «Villa Müller» after its carpenter Christian Müller, was built in the 1890s in a very special context. Because Davos was, so to speak, the «Tuberculosis capital of Europe» at the time, the hotel served as a reconvalescence center for patients who had overcome the illness. The patients came to the spa and sports town in search for fresh Swiss mountain air, altitude, sunshine, and healing.

About Davos

Small but excellent. That is Davos. Formerly a small village, it is now a world-renown travel destination with a wide range of activities. Breathe in the fresh air in Davos, Europe’s highest town, and just enjoy!

Rooms & Suites

We offer 40 rooms of single and double rooms in different 4-star categories classified as standard or comfort, some with a balcony with mountain views. In the residence, you will find various beautiful and quiet, unclassified rooms and apartments. For additional information, you can always contact us.

  • Fits two to four guests
  • Classic furnishing from Bündner Wood
  • Generous layout for Comfort-Rooms & Suites
  • Relaxing living area with sofa in some rooms
  • Free safe and internet connection in the room


In the relaxed, Swiss stone pine furnished restaurant Jarno, our chef serves an exclusive, creative and original cuisine that aims to rediscover traditional dishes and interpret them in a modern way. The young chef is guided by an insight he gained working alongside the biggest names in the Swiss gastronomy: «Honour the art of cooking and fine dining by respecting the raw materials.»

The Gualt Millau testers currently rate the kitchen of the Restaurant Jarno with 13 points. 

Restaurant 135

«In the brasserie“ 135 ”, we offer you a classic cuisine, a mixture of Swiss and Italian, a culinary innovation is the Pinsa Romana. Our menu is suitable for young and old. »

Wellness Spa

Indoor Swimming Pool

Swim in our 30°C warm indoor pool.

Sauna Area

Healthy perspiration, natural scents, and a refreshing cool down.

Steam Bath

The Romans and Greeks already knew the calming and health-promoting effect of warm steam. At 100% humidity the cleansing and calming effect can flourish.

Day Spa Packages

Spa day in Davos without an overnight stay. You will receive:

  • 1 bath robe, bath slippers & towls
  • Salad platter & tea at the Jarno Bar
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Managing Principal / CEO

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