This Lodge near Ohrigstad in Limpopo, South Africa, offers luxury accommodation on a Dinner, Bed & Breakfast basis: for sale

This Lodge near Ohrigstad in Limpopo, South Africa, offers luxury accommodation on a Dinner, Bed & Breakfast basis

Ohrigstad, Limpopo, South Africa


14 000 000 ZAR

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
Agent Office Number: +27 (0) 21 554 0283
Agent Email Address:
Type: Lodge
Bedrooms: 8
Bathrooms: 8
Showers: 8
Parking: 20
Yield: Not Disclosed


Ohrigstad (Afrikaans for Ohrig city), formerly Andries Orieg Stad, is a small town to the north of Lydenburg in the Limpopo province, South Africa.


fort was established by a group of Voortrekkers under the leadership of Andries Hendrik Potgieter with the help of a Dutch merchant Gregorius Ohrig. The settlers arrived in 1845 and were soon afterwards decimated by malaria and forced to abandon the area. Settlers only returned once the disease was under control. On the 14 May 1873, the area was proclaimed as a public gold field after the discovery of gold in the Selati River.

The Voortrekker, Pieter Willem Prinsloo, who left the Cape between 20 June 1837 and the end of March 1838, registered a farm Dorenhoek in the Ohrigstad area on 16 March 1846.


The Echo Caves are situated close to the town.

Limpopo Province of South Africa

Limpopp is the northernmost province of South Africa. It is named after the Limpopo River, which forms the province's western and northern borders. The capital and largest city in the province is Polokwane.

The province is made up of 3 former homelands of LebowaGazankulu and Venda. Limpopo is made up of 3 main ethnic groups namely; Pedi peopleTsonga and Venda people.

Traditional leaders and chiefs still form a strong backbone of the province's political landscape. Established in terms of the Limpopo House of Traditional Leaders Act, Act 5 of 2005, the Limpopo House of Traditional Leaders' main function is to advise government and the legislature on matters related to custom, tradition and culture including developmental initiatives that have an impact on rural communities. On 18 August 2017 Kgosi Malesela Dikgale was re-elected as the Chairperson of the Limpopo House of Traditional Leaders.


Limpopo Province shares international borders with districts and provinces of three countries: Botswana's Central and Kgatleng districts to the west and northwest respectively, Zimbabwe's Matabeleland South and Masvingo provinces to the north and northeast respectively, and Mozambique's Gaza Province to the east. Limpopo is the link between South Africa and countries further afield in sub-Saharan Africa. On its southern edge, from east to west, it shares borders with the South African provinces of MpumalangaGauteng, and North West. Its border with Gauteng includes that province's Johannesburg-Pretoria axis, the most industrialised metropolis on the continent. The province is at the centre of regional, national, and international developing markets.

Limpopo contains much of the Waterberg Biosphere, a massif of approximately 15,000 km2 (5,800 sq mi) which is the first region in the northern part of South Africa to be named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


Limpopo has a total population of 6.015 Million with 1.641million Households., The province has a high Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.710, which is the third highest in South Africa.


The bushveld is beef cattle country, where extensive ranching operations are often supplemented by controlled hunting. About 80% of South Africa's game hunting industry is found in Limpopo.

Sunflowerscottonmaize and peanuts are cultivated in the Bela-Bela and Modimolle areas. Modimolle is also known for its table grapes. There is an embryotic wine industry growing in Limpopo. Tropical fruit, such as bananaslitchispineapplesmangoes and pawpaws, as well as a variety of nuts, are grown in the Tzaneen and Louis Trichardt areas. Tzaneen is also at the centre of extensive citrustea and coffee plantations, and a major forestry industry. Most of the farmers and house holds suffer from water supply, therefore they drill their boreholes in their premises.


Majority of Limpopo residents live in rural areas, this has given rise to a new phenomenon of rural development, where the residents have invested in building lavish homes on their tribal land. Limpopo rural houses have been profiled by TV channels, lifestyle vloggers, social media influencers, and Africa's biggest facts brand Africa Facts Zone. 96.2% of Limpopo lives in formal housing, this figure is above the national average of 84.0%. This makes Limpopo the province with the highest percentage of people living in formal housing in South Africa.


Limpopo's rich mineral deposits include the platinum group metals, iron ore, chromium, high- and middle-grade coking coal, diamonds, antimonyphosphate, and copper, as well as mineral reserves like gold, emeralds, scheelitemagnetitevermiculitesilicon, and mica. Commodities such as black granitecorundum, and feldspar are also found. Mining contributes to over a fifth of the provincial economy.

Limpopo has the largest platinum deposit in South Africa. The Waterberg Coalfield, the eastern extension of Botswana's Mmamabula coalfields, is estimated to contain 40% of South Africa's coal reserves.


The Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism has targeted the province as a preferred eco-tourism destination. Its Environment and Tourism Programme encompasses tourism, protected areas and community environment development to achieve sustainable economic growth.

While Limpopo is one of South Africa's poorest provinces, it is rich in wildlife, which gives it an advantage in attracting tourists. Both the private and public sectors are investing in tourism development.

Near Modjadjiskloof, at Sunland Baobab farms, there is a large Baobab tree which has been fashioned into a rather spacious pub.

Transportation and communications

The province has excellent road, rail, and air links. The N1 route from Johannesburg, which extends the length of the province, is the busiest overland route in Africa in terms of cross-border trade in raw materials and beneficiated goods. The port of Durban, South Africa's busiest, is served directly by the province, as are the ports of Richards Bay and MaputoPolokwane International Airport is situated just north of Polokwane. Limpopo province contains approximately 56 airports and airstrips.


The Department of Education is charged with the responsibility of effecting quality education and training for all. The Department has to coordinate all professional development and support. Policies, systems, and procedures had to be developed.

Educational institutions

As of December 2020, 12.9% of Limpopo population had attained some post-school qualifications. The following higher education institutions are found in Limpopo:



Dominant home languages in Limpopo

The population of Limpopo consists of several ethnic groups distinguished by culture, language and race. 97.3% of the population is Black, 2.4% is White, 0.2% is Coloured, and 0.1% is Indian/Asian. The province has the smallest percentage and second smallest total number of white South Africans in the country; although there a number of localities with a White majority, notably Hoedspruit and Modimolle. It also has the highest Black percentage out of all the provinces.

The Northern Sotho people make up the largest percentage of the population, making 52% of the province. The Tsonga people comprise about 24.0% of the province; the Tsonga also comprise about 11.5% of Mpumalanga province since the southern part of their homeland, Gazankulu, was cut off from Limpopo and allocated to Mpumalanga. The Venda make up about 16.7%. Afrikaners make up the majority of Limpopo's white population, about 95,000 people; English-speaking whites number just over 20,000. Vhembe district has the smallest share of white people in Limpopo, about 5,000 total, while the Waterberg district has the largest share of whites, with more than 60,000 whites residing there. Coloureds and Asians/Indians make up a very small percentage of the province's total population.

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Key features

About Us

The lodge is located in the mountains near the Blyde River Canyon, en Route to the Kruger National Park, and is ideal to explore the spectacular Panaroma Route and the Kruger Lowveld region when staying with us.

The Property

Unparalleled natural beauty, silence, peace and tranquillity – thus making it easy to live out the meaning of the name Iketla: “be relaxed… be peaceful”

The lodge nestles in the middle of a 540 hectare private nature conservancy on the Panorama Route, approximately 30 minutes’ drive from the famous Blyde River Canyon. The lodge is surrounded by undulating mountains, valleys and cliffs. Unspoilt African bush and indigenous forests are a haven for more than 200 different bird species and numerous migratory species of wildlife.

Personalised Service

A maximum of 16 guests per night can enjoy luxury and elegance in a relaxed and convivial environment. Our personal service and attention to detail will ensure an unforgettable experience. The very nature of our lodge and the tranquil environment make it unsuitable for young children. We regret to advise that children under 12 cannot be accommodated at Iketla unless by prior arrangement.

Pool & View

Relax at the pool, enjoy the stunning views from the terrace or explore the pristine natural environment on one of many nature walking trails. The lodge is also ideal as a base to visit the Blyde River Canyon, God’s Window and the Rain Forest, various waterfalls, spectacular scenery and the historic town of Pilgrim’s Rest.

Our Accommodation

African Decor Chalets

Five of our eight chalets were built on the edge of a small rise and each offers a secluded look-out point into the valley – the ideal place to spend a romantic hour or two

The chalets have been decorated with a carefully chosen African décor and furnished with a choice of queen sized or two twin beds. Every chalet is also fitted with a minibar, coffee machine and a water kettle to prepare hot drinks.

Indoor & Open Air Outdoor Showers

Unique en-suite bathrooms provide a stone-built indoor shower and open air outdoor shower – very private and exotic!

Romance Chalet

Our “Romance Chalet” offers just that little more for a special occasion – whether you are on honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary, birthday or if you are just very romantic. Even more spacious than the other chalets, the “Romance Chalet” offers a bath with exquisite view into the bush and a larger open air shower. Very secluded and idyllic!

Our Facilities

A Comfortable Retreat

When building the lodge, the owner endeavoured to minimize the impact of development on the natural environment. The result is a comfortable retreat set amidst nature in its purest form. The surroundings and infrastructure add to the overall feel of relaxation and tranquility.


The large central Lapa-building comprises of a:

  • Lounge area with fireplace
  • Dining area
  • Our friendly bar, The Shebeen
  • Curio shop

The Lapa area also offers:

  • A pool with comfortable loungers
  • Various natural look-out points with stunning views

Activities At The Lodge

Relax... Unwind...

Whether lounging by the pool, enjoying the view from your patio or sitting quietly on a rock looking into the valley, the lodge is the perfect spot to relax and unwind.

Spa Facilities

For complete relaxation and rejuvenation we also invite you to visit our new Spa Facilities, where we offer:

  • Full Swedish Body Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Relaxing Facial Treatment


The unspoilt bush and indigenous forests are a haven for more than 200 bird species.

Walking Trails

You are welcome to explore the bush on your own. Trails are well marked, safe and vary in difficulty and distance. Routes are colour coded so that you easily decide on the distance, time and relative difficulty.

Guided Walks

To learn more about the smaller animals, insects, impressive birdlife of the area and the traditional African uses of indigenous trees and plants, why not take a walk with our field guide. This service is free of charge and done in the mornings before breakfast. 

Explore The Area

The lodge is ideally located to explore the region and its variety of attractions. Circular routes take you along spectacular scenery to some of the country’s best nature spots. We will gladly assist you with ideas. Regional tourism maps are also available from our shop.

Panorama Route (Canyon Loop)

Duration 5+ hours. Pilgrim’s Rest, Graskop, The Pinnacle, God’s Window and the rainforest at the top of the mountain, Lisbon and Berlin Falls, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and the spectacular Blyde River Canyon.

Panorama Route (Waterfall Loop)

Duration 6+ hours. Lydenburg, Long Tom Pass, Sabie, Bridal Veil, Lone Creek & Horseshoe Falls, Mac Mac Falls & Pools, Forest Falls. Return via Pilgrim’s Rest and Robber’s Pass.

Kruger Lowveld - It's In Our Nature

Wondrous wildlife, thrills and spills, leaping and laughing, wet and dry, ancient history, warm hospitality, exploring cultures, making memories …

Few parts of the world can match Kruger Lowveld for its natural and cultural diversity or for the genuine warmth of the welcome given to each and every visitor to the region. Take a look around our website to find out why we remain – and will forever be – South Africa’s premier inland tourism destination.

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