A Hotel and Restaurant of Old World Charm ​in the Rural South of France: for sale

A Hotel and Restaurant of Old World Charm ​in the Rural South of France

Plaisance, Aveyron, France


4 900 000 EUR

Agent: Cliff Jacobs - Managing Principal Estate Agent & CEO (Nat.Dpl.Hotel Man (UJ). M.P.R.E.)
Agent Cellphone: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951
Agent Office Number: +27 (0) 21 554 0283
Agent Email Address: cliff@exquisitehotelconsultants.com
Type: Boutique Hotel & Restaurant
Bedrooms: 22
Bathrooms: 22
Showers: 22
Parking: 30
Yield: Not Disclosed

Plaisance, Aveyron

Plaisance is a French commune located in the department of Aveyron in the Occitanie region . Its inhabitants are called the Plaisançais.

The architectural heritage of the town includes two buildings protected as historic monuments  : the Saint Martin church , listed in 1929, and a cross , listed in 1929.


Located in the south of the Aveyron department, the town borders Tarn.

Bordering municipalities

The neighboring municipalities are Balaguier-sur-Rance , La Bastide-Solages , Coupiac and Curvalle.

Hamlets and localities 

La Fon del Mas, Mialet, Lamayous, Saint-Laurent.

Geology and relief

Plaisance is a commune in the Massif Central , located in the Grands Causses regional natural park .


Hydrographic network

The commune is drained by the Rance , the Gos , the Ruisseau de Mousse , the Mole ravine, the Lamayous stream and by various small streams.

The Rance, with a total length of 63.5  km , takes its source in the commune of Murasson and flows into the Tarn at La Bastide-Solages , after having watered 12 communes.

The Gos , with a total length of 17  km , takes its source in the commune of Saint-Juéry and flows into the Rance in Plaisance, after having watered 4 communes.

The Ruisseau de Mousse , with a total length of 13.4  km , takes its source in the commune of Martrin and flows into the Rance at La Bastide-Solages , after having watered 5 communes.


In 2010, the climate of the commune was an altered Mediterranean climate , according to a study based on a series of data covering the period 1971-2000. In 2020, Météo-France published a typology of the climates of metropolitan France in which the commune is in a transition zone between the altered oceanic climate and the mountain climate and is in the Southeast climatic region of the Massif Central , characterized by an annual rainfall of 1,000 to 1,500  mm , minimum in summer, maximum in autumn.

For the period 1971-2000, the average annual temperature is 13.1  °C , with an annual thermal range of 15.7  °C . The average annual cumulative precipitation is 779  mm , with 10.4 days of precipitation in January and 6 days in July. For the period 1991-2020 the average annual temperature observed at the nearest meteorological station, located in the town of La Bastide-Solages 3  km as the crow flies , is 13.5  °C and the average annual cumulative precipitation is 950.8  mm. For the future, the municipality's climate parameters estimated for 2050 according to different greenhouse gas emission scenarios can be consulted on a dedicated site published by Météo-France in November 2022.

Natural environments and biodiversity

Protected areas

Regulatory protection is the strongest mode of intervention to preserve remarkable natural spaces and their associated biodiversity. In this context, the commune is part of a protected area, the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park , created in 1995 and with an area of ​​327,937  ha , extends over 97 communes. This inhabited rural territory, recognized at the national level for its strong heritage and landscape value, is organized around a concerted sustainable development project, based on the protection and enhancement of its heritage.

Natural areas of ecological, fauna and flora interest 

The inventory of natural areas of ecological, fauna and flora interest (ZNIEFF) aims to cover the most ecologically interesting areas, essentially with a view to improving knowledge of the national natural heritage and providing a tool to help various decision-makers take the environment into account in land use planning.

The municipal territory of Plaisance includes a ZNIEFF type 1, the “Rivière du Rance” ( 419  ha ), covering 6 municipalities including 5 in Aveyron and 1 in Tarn, and a ZNIEFF type 2, the “Rance Valley” ( 2,781  ha ), which extends over 12 municipalities including 11 in Aveyron and 1 in Tarn.


The evolution of the number of inhabitants is known through the population censuses carried out in the municipality since 1793. For municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants, a census survey covering the entire population is carried out every five years, the legal populations of intermediate years being estimated by interpolation or extrapolation. For the municipality, the first exhaustive census falling within the framework of the new system was carried out in 2006.

In 2021, the municipality had 220 inhabitants, an increase of 1.85% compared to 2015 ( Aveyron: +0.17%, France excluding Mayotte: +1.84%).

In 2018 ( INSEE data published in), the municipality has 111 tax households, bringing together 214 people. The median disposable income per consumption unit is  17,460 ( € 20,640  in department).


In 2018, the population aged 15 to 64 was 134 people, of whom 64% were active (55.9% employed and 8.1% unemployed) and 36% inactive. In 2018, the municipal unemployment rate (as defined by the census) of 15-64 year olds is higher than that of the department, but lower than that of France, while it was lower than that of the department and France in 2008.

The municipality is outside the attraction of the cities. It had 61  jobs in 2018, compared to 73 in 2013 and 72 in 2008. The number of employed workers residing in the municipality is 75, i.e. an employment concentration indicator of 81.5% and a rate of activity among those aged 15 or over 43.1%.

Of these 75 employed people aged 15 or over, 31 work in the municipality, or 42% of residents. To get to work, 77.6% of residents use a four-wheeled personal or company vehicle, 1.3% use public transport , 9.2% go there by two-wheeler, bicycle or on foot. and 11.8% do not need transportation (working from home).

Activities outside agriculture

16 establishments are located in Plaisance at. The wholesale and retail trade, transport, accommodation and catering sector is predominant in the municipality since it represents 37.5% of the total number of establishments in the municipality (6 out of the 16 companies established in Plaisance), compared to 27.5% at the departmental level.


The commune is in the Monts de Lacaune , a small agricultural region occupying the south of the department of Aveyron. In 2020, the technical-economic orientation of agriculture in the municipality is the breeding of sheep or goats . Seven agricultural operations with their headquarters in the commune are counted during the 2020 agricultural census (17 in 1988). The agricultural area used is 299  ha.


Aveyron is a French department found in the northeast of the Occitanie region of southern France and named after the Aveyron river. Its prefecture is Rodez.


Aveyron is one of the 83 French departments made during the French revolution, on 4 March 1790. It was created with most of the territory of the old province of Rouergue; in fact, the present flag of the department was the flag of Rouergue.

The first known historical inhabitants of the region were the Rutenii tribe but, before them, the area was inhabited by people that built many prehistoric ruins including over 1,000 dolmens - more than any other department in France.

In 1808, the old canton of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val was transferred from Aveyron to the new department of Tarn-et-Garonne.


Aveyron is part of the Occitanie region, in southern France, and is the 6th French department in area with 8,735.1 km2 (3,373 sq mi).

Aveyron is in the southern half of the central plateau (Massif Central) of France. The mountainous areas (the Aubrac mountains, Palanges Levezou and Lacaune) cover little more than a third of the territory, with the highest point in Signal de Mailhe-Biau (the northwest peak42°40′17″N 03°04′19″E) that is 1,463 m (4,800 ft) high and is in the region called Cazalets; the remaining two thirds are occupied by hills and plateaus (Ségala, Viadène, Lagast and Grands Causses), with a few valleys.

The territory is crossed, among others, by the rivers Lot and Tarn, both tributaries of the Garonne river. The Aveyron river, which gives its name to the department, is a tributary of the Tarn river.

The main rivers of Aveyron are the Lot in the north, the Aveyron in the centre and the Tarn in the south, all tributaries of the Garonne. They flow from east to west, following the general slope of the department, and divide it into four zones.


The climate of the Aveyron is subtropical with dry-summer, Csb (Mediterranean Climate) in the Köppen climate classification.

The average temperature for the year in Millau is 10.9 °C (51.6 °F). The warmest month, on average, is July with an average temperature of 19.9 °C (67.8 °F). The coolest month on average is January, with an average temperature of 3.2 °C (37.8 °F).

The average amount of precipitation for the year in Millau is 731.5 mm (28.8 in). The month with the most precipitation on average is September with 78.7 mm (3.1 in) of precipitation. The month with the least precipitation on average is July with an average of 40.6 mm (1.6 in).


The inhabitants of Aveyron are known, in French, as Aveyronnais (women: Aveyronnaises).

Aveyron has a population, in 2014, of 278,644, for a population density of 31.9 inhabitants/km2. The arrondissement of Rodez, with 143,841 inhabitants, is by far the largest. The other two, Millau and Villefranche-de-Rouergue, have respectively 70,995 and 63,808 inhabitants.

The city with more people living in it is the capitalRodez (24,088). The subprefectures of Millau and Villefranche-de-Rouergue have, respectively, 22,064 and 11,822 inhabitants.

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Key features

Owners' sale brochure/factsheet

Our hotel is a 22-room boutique hotel and restaurant, housed in a renovated medieval 700-year-old building, once the family home of the famous French poet PaulValéry.

This historic irreplicable property is situated in the small, picturesque village of Plaisance-sur-Rance, in south-west Aveyron. It is set at the edge of Parc Naturel desGrands Causses and its protected mountains and indigenous oak, chestnut andwalnut forests.

Since its opening in 2000 it has operated as a seasonal business from April to October.

The Property

In addition to the existing hotel and restaurant properties, "The White House", a nearby art nouveau-styled house at the centre of the village, gives the opportunity to create an additional 28 rooms.

This house previously supported 3 small trading businesses and would not require permissions to reopen as a hospitality operation.

Further to this, the sale assets include 3 small stone houses which line one of the small side roads adjacent to the hotel each requiring different levels of renovation.

In total, the sale proposal includes 6 298m² of covered and uncovered surface area.

The Area

Plaisance is a small, picturesque medieval village situated in the midi-Pyrenees, in the department of the Aveyron, South West France. The village is surrounded by indigenous oak, walnut and chestnut forests, rivers and mountains. It is set on the banks of the Rance river and just 8 km away from the magnificent river Tarn.

A large portion of its mountainous forest environment is protected within the Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses. The area is ideal for visitors interested in a combination of healthy outdoor exercise, history and gourmet feasting in a friendly, quiet, rural environment.

The UNESCO medieval town of Albi, Carcassonne, Cordes, Brousse-Le-Chateau, Ambialet, Millau and Sylvanes are some of the better-known historic and beautiful nearby towns and villages. These are perfect historic day-trip destinations with good restaurants, shops and cafés in cobbled streets and with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The closest airports are in Toulouse (125 km), Rodez (80 km), Carcassonne (133 km), Beziers (124 km) and Montpellier (170 km). Most popular are the Toulouse and Montpellier airports with links to all major European cities.

The hotel

With the substantial renovation by its current owner, the hotel has been preserved withits original style of stone, wood and high-quality finishes, providing an authentic medieval tone throughout the estate.

The hotel and its grounds offer a unique and unforgettable ambiance, combininghistoric charm and modern comfort in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled regions of France.

The restaurant

The restaurant facility at LesMagnolias consists of two large outdoor terraces, an indoor brasserie with bar and the main impressive medieval dining room dating back to 1300 AD.

The swimming pool

The hotel facilities includea covered and heated swimming poolsurrounded by beautiful views of the countryside, the perfect space for relaxing.

Cycling Magnolias

Cycling Magnolias was established in 2013 and is a division of our hotel. It has developed 7-night Accompanied and Self-guided cycling holiday packages for an up-market clientele in the 40-80 year-old age bracket.

Given the proximity of our hotel to the Tour de France, it also offers an accompanied 8-night Tour De France package, combining 3 days of cycling based in Plaisance and 5 days of cycling following the tour. It owns its own bicycles (top-of the-range racing, flat bar and electric bikes) and recovery vehicle. A bicycle garage and workshop are housed in the hotel.

The tours are all based at Les Magnolias throughout the 7-night stay, avoiding the logistics of daily transfers. The cycling possibilities in every direction around Plaisance are sufficiently varied to allow a delightful and different cycling experience each day.

The tours have become well-established and draw an international clientele of predominantly Canadian, American, Australian and South African cyclists. A high percentage of these clients become repeat customers due to both the idyllic cycling and quality of service at every level at the hotel: hotel, restaurant, and cycling.

Certainly an idyllic cycling environment and quality of service.

Growth opportunities

Ongoing development of the cycling market through more direct marketing andattendance at conferences. The offering of both supported and self-guided cyclingholidays works extremely well with a high degree of repeat customers and very positive references. The degree of repeat cycling clients is very high and the cycling theme should be a key driver in growing the business. 

We are also a favourite stop over destination for holiday makers and motorcyclists.

Ongoing development of the vintage car and motorcyclist market as the road infrastructure surrounding Plaisance is also idyllic for these two groups. Like cycling, there is enormous potential in these markets through simple marketing leverage. 

Development of the lucrative tourist coach market

Our hotel registered itself with France’s biggest tour bus operator, Atout voyage (www.atoutvoyage.com) in December 2022. This relates to groups of 20-25 individuals in the 50+ age group for 1 to 7 nights stays, either travelling by or wishing to spend time at a quiet locationwith our hotel being ideally positioned. Reservations are expected from this new market in 2023 with a focus on the off-season April-June and September months.

Development of the new corporate and event markets through direct approachesto corporates in the region (Toulouse, Rodez, Millau, Montpellier, others)

Revive the link between the hotel mansion and the famous French poet Paul Valéry to become a key theme in drawing the French market. The hotel was the house where Paul Valéry spent his holidays. He became very attached to Plaisance where he both wrote extensively and painted. This is not widely known at all in France notwithstanding that Paul Valéry is taught at many French schools.

Development of new themes in the arts, photography, geology and history areas.

A buyer from the hospitality industry would bring the possibility of leveraging their existing and different client base to support the hotel.

A general increase in marketing efforts in both traditional and new areas where the current owners feel they have optimised their potential as a marketing team of only one person.

Spa/gym/beauty salon

Included in the sale properties is sufficient unused space to develop an independent gym/spa/beauty salon operation. The sellers have already established an independent electricity and water infrastructure in this space to allow for it to operate separately from the hotel if required. No such service offering this service is currently available in the vicinity of a 40-70 kilometre radius around Plaisance.

The company

The hotel operates through the legal entity SARL Plaisance Plaza and rents all of the covered and uncovered surfaces required for its operations from the owner ofthe properties and buildings.

Its activities are the management of a hotel, restaurant and cycling holiday business. Plaisance Plaza also rents the White House, currently uninhabitable, with its latest project there being the complete reconstruction of its roof.

In its earlier years of operation, Plaisance Plaza was not profitable and developed anassessed loss of close to €1 000 000. As a profitable opporation today it therefore pays no income tax.

The White House

The White House is a 1930s Art Nouveau building positioned on the main road of the village and ideally suited for the construction of additional hotel and residential rooms as an expansion project for our hotel. It consists of 4 levels including an underground stone “cave”. In all its total covered area of 1 180m² would support 28 self-catering rooms.

An investment of 210 000 Euros was made in the complete rebuilding of the White House roof in 2022.

Plaisance and its surrounding villages have grown consistently in population over thepast 10 years and there is a real demand for apartment residential rental.

Financial summary

At the time of the initial purchase, the full amount invested by the owner in the saleassets and building renovations prior to the creation of Plaisance Plaza was €2 250 000.00. Since the creation of Plaisance Plaza (2002) and 2022, a further €1 200 000 was invested by the owners as working capital and CAPEX loan funding.

Over this period, Plaisance Plaza has proved itself as a stable and successful hotel and cycling operation with visible momentum supporting a number of growth opportunities.

The owners recognise that the value in the purchase price lies predominantly in the buildings and their improvements as Plaisance Plaza has been managed essentially as a family-run boutique hotel. 

Plaisance Plaza has however reached a stage of predictable profit and cash flow generation and represents a stable base as either an ongoing (and growing) family business or an operation with strong growth potential for a more serious commercial buyer.


We delight in serving a variety of guests

  • Individual and family holiday-makers who enjoy nature and outdoor activities
  • Couples on romantic getaway weekends
  • Individuals with an interest in the fascinating history of the area
  • Cyclists on guided or self-guided cycling holidays based at Les Magnolias
  • Corporate groups looking for the ideal location to hold strategy or team building events
  • Retired individuals and couples on vacation outside of the peak summer months
  • Corporate travellers.
  • Bikers interested in exploring the surrounding areas based at our hotel        
  • Individuals and families in transit.
  • Groups celebrating weddings, baptisms, anniversaries or anything else!


All rooms at our hotel were designed as en suite luxury rooms in a classic traditional style based on stone and French oak.  

Four room categories are offered 

  • Standard (Queen size bed/2 Single beds)
  • Superior (Queen size bed/2 Single beds)
  • Family (two Queen size beds)
  • Suite (Queen size bed)

All rooms have showers, are non-smoking and equipped with a desk, cupboard, flat screen television, WiFi (in most rooms), refrigerator and hairdryer. 

The Superior rooms are larger than the standard rooms. The Suite has a bath as well as shower.


  • Free Wi-Fi in public areas and most rooms, Wi-Fi lounge and access to internet terminal
  • Private outdoor covered and heated swimming pool
  • Excellent massage salon specialising in wellbeing and sport massages
  • Restaurant, bar, café, brasserie 
  • Guided and self-guided cycling and top quality bike hire​​
  • Stunning French boules/"Petanque" course 
  • Two outdoor terraces for dining and relaxation 
  • Secure, outdoor parking close to the hotel or at public parking facilities nearby 


The combination of our beautiful, natural and unspoilt environment and our hotel, restaurant, pool, garden and terrace facilities, enable us to offer our guests the following additional services:

  • Catered weddingsbaptisms, anniversaries and corporate events up to a limited size depending on the nature of the event and timing
  • Meeting and conference room facilities for corporate clients up to a limited size depending on the nature of the event and timing
  • Team building and other group and family events, incorporating cycling, canoeing and site seeing


We look forward to seeing you soon and to delighting you with our delicious "gourmand" menus, inspired by the rich local, fresh and seasonal produce surrounding the village of Plaisance. 



It is easy to imagine a one to two week program based at our hotel, exploring the wonders and delicacies of the region. This should include familiarizing oneself with the history of the region (particularly fascinating is the 11th and 12th century tragedy of the Cathars which still permeates many of the surrounding villages); cycling (or walking) to different medieval villages through stunning indigenous oak, chestnut and walnut forests (amongst the many villages is Brousse-Le-Chateau, classified as “One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France”); canoeing and swimming on the magnificent Tarn river; and feasting on local delicacies at the numerous village markets open daily throughout the months of July and August and weekly throughout the year. Typical local produce includes charcuterie delicacies (area is highly regarded for its sausages and other meats), Roquefort cheeses (area is famous for its Roquefort cheese caves which support the largest industry in the area), Gaillac wines (red, white, rose, sparkling), every gourmet duck delicacy, brebie cheeses, jams and chutneys and most fruit and vegetables.

Other activities and nearby destinations include climbing or bungee jumping at the incredible Gorge Du Tarn; the Millau bridge (highest cable-stayed bridge in the world); the only Roquefort cheese caves; day trips to the historic and stunning city of Albi (declared a World Heritage Site due to its famous cathedral, Palais De La Berbie and Toulouse Lautrec museum) and Cordes Sur Ciel (fortified medieval town widely considered the finest in France); dinner at Michel Bras in Laguiole; and plenty, plenty more.

Slightly further afield from Plaisance but within easy reach are attractions that include the Canto Perlic Vineyard (53 km), Domaine Sarrabelle Vineyard (56 km) and Le Musee Art du Chocolat (57 km). 

Cycling and walking

The road network available to cyclists around Plaisance is extensive, with 4 or 5 possible routes to any of the numerous nearby medieval villages and towns. The roads are very well maintained and perfect for either mountain or racing bikes and for the very serious or less serious, tourist cyclist. The Tour de France regularly passes close by the village of Plaisance.  A full range of high quality bikes, including road, hybrid and electric bikes are available for rent at Les Magnolias, along with customised maps of over 30 road routes, across a wide spectrum of difficulty! Our cycling operation is branded as Cycling Magnolias and you may read more about it at www.cyclingmagnolias.com. You may also enquire further about our cycling offering by contacting Les Magnolias directly. Most of the cycling routes may also be partly walked and the tourist centre of the nearby village of  Coupiac offers maps of country track walks


The Tarn river offers spectacular canoeing possibilities both on the open Tarn and at the Gorge du Tarn.  It is a very clean river, rich with local fish varieties and runs mostly through unspoilt forest and gorge terrain.  A perfect day’s outing could include an 8-13 km downstream canoe ride from Trebas (just 10 kms from Plaisance) to Ambialet, with a winey picnic lunch stop and swim mid-way.  

Canoeing is also possible at Millau, at the entrance to the Gorge du Tarn, where the Dourbie river meets the Tarn.  Millau is just 45 minutes’ drive from Plaisance. The rock formations at the Gorge du Tarn are extraordinary and best viewed in a canoe!   Canoeing can then be combined with a visit of Millau and its glove, leather and textile factories, the Millau bridge, as well as a visit to the Roquefort cheese caves.  On the return trip from Millau to Plaisance, there are a few great restaurant options at St Rome de Cernin and Montlaur. 

Brousse Le Chateau

Classified as one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France", Brousse is charming and totally unspoilt ancient village with a great restaurant, chateau and chapel, just 26 kms east of Plaisance.  Its chateau is 16th century and served as a royal summer family home for many generations before being purchased by the local municipality. Perfect as a Day trip or cycling destination. 

During July and August, it hosts its weekly village market on Tuesday mornings.  

perfect day can easily be spent cycling to Brousse from the hotel (even the electric bikes can get to Brousse and back!) and then returning after a delicious lunch and walk around its village and chateau.


Coupiac is just 8 kms from Plaisance, the closest medieval village from the hotel.  It is very proud of its castle and church which still holds mass every second Sunday.  On Monday nights during July and August, Coupiac hosts the extremely popular night market, with live music performances, local dancing and an abundance of local delicacies, including delicious barbecued duck and lamb, alligot, Gaillac wines, strawberries and chocolate crepes!   A theatrical performance at the castle, mostly for youngsters, starts at about 9 pm over the summer months.  Coupiac holds its weekly market on Wednesday mornings over July and August.  Coupiac has the closest post office, ATM machine and petrol station to Plaisance.


Albi is just 40 kms west of Plaisance and has recently been declared a World Heritage Site, due to its extraordinary cathedral, the Toulouse Lautrec museum, the Brebie Palace gardens and its “old town” with bridges and buildings which date back to more than 1000 years.   

Albi hosts a fresh produce market every Saturday morning and our favourite restaurant, Le Robinson, set beside the Tarn river, is a must for light or gourmet meals! A full day can easily be spent walking through Albi’s medieval streets and boutique shops and cafes.  Albi is another perfect cycling destination for hotel guests with a pick-up vehicle easily arranged by the hotel. 

Just 26 kms away from Albi is also the lovely medieval town of Cordes surrounded by  attractive renovated country family houses of the wealthy leather and textile merchants of the 18th and 19th centuries. 


Just as beautiful as Brousse, Ambialet is just 20 kms west of Plaisance and a perfect stop en route to Albi, just a further 20 kms west.  Over July and August Ambialet hosts light and sound performances within its medieval buildings on Thursday nights.  Its summer market day is Thursday  mornings.  Another perfect cycling destination.

St Affrique

St Affrique is just 40 kms east of Plaisance and is best loved for its wonderful fresh produce market every Saturday morning.  Its olive, bread, spices, vegetable, fruit, meat and cheese stalls are a visual feast and ideal for stocking up for the next day’s picnic!  The fresh Mediterranean or Atlantic oysters never disappoint but take an oyster knife along! 

During the summer months St Affrique is an ideal place to spend a day exploring its ancient streets, boutique and delicatessen shops as well as amongst its outdoor clothes markets.  Another perfect but long cycling destination, better as a day trip en route to canoeing and site seeing in Millau.  


Home to the tallest cable-stayed bridge in the world (Eiffeage and Norman Foster engineering) and also well known for its leather and textile industries, Millau has a great canoeing station at the Tarn river and is just a few KMs from the Roquefort cheese caves.  It is also the entrance into the Tarn Gorge, a feast of unusual rock formations and striking views of the gorge itself.  Just 67 kms from Plaisance and a full day trip journey.

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LMH 8239
LMH 9480
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LMH 0644
LMH 0782
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Cliff Jacobs (Nat Dpl Hotel Man (UJ). MPRE. GA Level 5 TEFL)

Managing Principal / CEO

Exquisite Hotel Consultants (Pty) Ltd

Mobile: +27 (0) 84 413 1071 / +27 (0) 61 716 6951

Landline: +27 (0) 21 554 0283


Skype: cliff.jacobs

Web: https://www.exquisitehotelconsultants.com

C/o Sybelstrasse 69

10629 Berlin


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